Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I gotta start by saying I'm open minded with Nick. I didn't watch Andi's season, but I watched Kaitlyn's when he already had this reputation, and then I didn't watch Bachelor in Paradise. So. Just keeping an open mind. Maybe he's a great guy! Maybe he's a skease. We'll find out! This season, on, The Bachelor!

"A season of the bachelor unlike anything you've ever seen!" And then it shows a private plane flying over a beautiful mountain side so… Unlikely

"I just don't know how to sit sideways on the couch." They don't teach it in school.

"I don't care how many times I have to try." How much fame is he going for exactly?

He's said like 3 times that he's worried the girl at the end will reject him. I'm sure he's still in it to win it but it's a lot of insecurity coming from this kid.

Josephine is killing me.

The sumo suit!! Wait - a sumo AND a dolphin? This girl cray. 

I like Danielle the nurse. She's sups sweet.

"Nick is perfect!" -The girl who has never met him before

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't you." Check.

Runner up!! I love her just because I can imagine her sitting to herself and getting that idea and laughing hard enough that she made it happen.

"Omg there's food!" -YES. I like her even more now! That would totally be my reaction. What was her name??

Keep it down Bachelor I'm not here to learn about Nick's sex life.

.....oh wait that's actually all this is.

"I like that there's a bit of mystery." -The girl he's already seen naked.

Lol @ Chris H. playing dumb. "You think you knew her??"

Hug token - not going far

Vanessa "You are even better looking in person." THAT'S how you greet someone. She's going places.

"You're a weiner in my book." And everything that follows. So terrible. SO.


"I dolphinitely can't wait to talk to you inside." I CAN'T EVEN.

His convo with lawyer girl. Rachel? I think she gets 1st impression.

"He seems like he's confident and he knows what he wants."

"Tell me something you wouldn't normally tell most people." The very first time we've talked.

I can smell all the alcohol they're drinking from here.

He's drawn to the really smart girls 👍

First impression rose - called it! Which I hope isn't a bad omen for her because I really like her.

"For some crazy reason I just got the 1st impression rose." She doesn't know she's cool. Cool.

He's keeping Corinne because #producers

And Liz.

Um, can someone please teach this woman the meaning of consent?? I felt dirty watching that preview. Gotta go shower now bye.