Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tired mom = Good mom?

"That can't be right."
"But that's what she said!" (That's what she said.)

Yep, I said it. Today I was exhausted and, surprisingly, it made me a better mom! I didn't have the energy to do much of anything, so when they asked me to play, I was like, "Sure! I have time for a tea party! I'll bring the chocolate!" Normally these playtimes are ruined by my anxiety of needing to get more done, or honestly, straight up boredom, but today it was like, "Whatevs I'm not doing anything anyways." 

And normally, when they're acting up, I just want to yell. And of course I did here and there 😬 But, surprisingly, not that much. I was just too sleepy to overexert myself with anger. So when they acted out, yes, they were disciplined, but since it was a slow kind of day, I took discipline slow too, and tried to figure out why they misbehaved to deal with the underlying issues. Which is a luxury I rarely give myself. 

So yeah, not every tired day is like this. But it was nice that this one was. 😀 😴