Monday, March 9, 2015

Chris Soules loves ______???

So glad to finally know what happens!!

All the "panic attacks." -Chris H. Lol even they know it's fake. 

So surprised he really stays in Iowa for every episode. 

"The decision I'm going to make could change my life." Could?

"Just tell me which one to pick..." Chris, I'm going to introduce you to a family problem called enmeshment. 

"These are my mom's favorite flowers." -Whitney. Awwwwww!!

"We made a baby in the lab." -Whitney
"You win!" -Chris' family. Read: Grandbaby hungry.

He seems underwhelmed. Anxious, maybe? Maybe I'm overly nervous.

Spends his Whitney day talking about Becca. Trouble. 

I think it's because she's the forbidden fruit. 

She's leaving when it's still light in the middle of winter. How early is it?!

She's SO invested!

That's what I was thinking, Chris' brother! It's the chase!

Oh Becca's wearing a black bra.

Those parents are so patient to eat with their kids on their laps. Of course, I use the word "eat" loosely.

"Ok Becca let's go chat!" You haven't touched your food!!

"It's going to be long distance." Farm life is not conducive to long distance relationships. Even living together it'd be hard to find time together.

"I know what I feel and that's more important to me than what she's saying." -Chris. If it's what he feels she feels, fine. But what she's saying also speaks volumes. Pay attention to the words coming out of her mouth!

Mom is asking hard questions, and pushes her hair behind her ear. She's good. Makes you comfortable while forcing you to tell the truth.

Why CAN'T she just say, "we need to talk"??

Oh they still have one more date. You're good, girl.

I can't imagine how Whitney would feel watching this if he picks her, when all this is pointing to Becca.

"Something you've never seen on the ATFR before."

"This is one of the biggest Bachelor viewing parties." -Harrison. There's a bigger one somewhere?

Chris' face on the way to the door looks so excited. Who's it going to be???

Oh, Becca. I wish I didn't like Whitney so much. 

It's like the Notebook. "G**d***** Allie what do you want?"

"Get in the water! Get in! I'm sorry baby. Would you please just get in the water?" Lu, that was for you.

"Why don't you think you're in love with me?" YES. Ask the right questions!

Hey where's that on-call therapist they had in Brad's season?

"The one thing I know is that I want you." -Becca. Isn't that love?

"There's steps that are preventing-" -Becca.
"What are the steps?" -Chris.
"I don't know!" -Becca.
Then how do you know there are steps? She's killing me.

"What would I do in Arlington?" -Becca. "Now we're getting somewhere!" -Chris. He seems like he'll be a great communicator in a fight.

That was a good fight. I really thought one of them might get up and leave.

Is Chris the reason we are still going through daylight savings?

There's something to be said about the feelings for each girl. Yes, you want that natural chemistry he seems to have with Becca. But that fades. What, I think, is more important, is the deeper level of comfort and natural flow you have together.

That candle is distracting. 

I love you Whitney. But we've heard a ton about how invested you are. Let's move on.

I do love how natural they seem in his house. They are freaking adorable.

"Something about the simple life." -Whitney. With millions of dollars. 

"What makes you feel so certain?" Man he's bringing his A-game tonight. 

"No matter what happens." Yikes. 

I'm glad she's getting some realism in there. 

She gave him a scrapbook!

How much did they spend to dress up that barn?

"Something that happens on the ATFR that changes everything!" Damn you, Chris Harrison! Why you got to ruin all our fun??

I wish I had seen all the seasons so I could figure out what happens!

Now I have no investment in what's going to happen in the episode. 

Becca's first!! It could change after, but I'm still a little relieved.

Actually one of his better breakups. 

She's showing no emotion. She seems so relieved!

She's not even a little crying.

I feel like this is one of the most real seasons we've seen. And Chris has grown on me a lot.

Whitney's driving up and Harrison has me all worked up that none of this even matters.

"On a scale of 1-10, I'm off the charts." At least it wasn't, "On a scale of 1-nervous..."

If I were Chris Harrison, I'd be so tempted to whisper, "It's you!" when we hugged.

So glad Chris is smiling as she walks up.

What a terrible way to get proposed to - if you don't know if he's going to propose or break up.

"It's not work. It's natural." That's love. I mean, love IS work. But it shouldn't have been so forced - like with Becca.


Like, pumping my fists happy. They are perfect.

"Whitney IS the person for me." Thank you!! For being ALL IN. 

Oooooh it was so hard with Becca because he kept wanting to play catchup. He saw the potential but she was always a few steps behind. That must have been frustrating.

"Not looking back." You're a good man, Chris.

"She's only watching our dates." That's so smart.

"I'm smart because I chose her." Awwww. Very true.

Smart in this season, too, since he made out with everyone.

About his long hugs - I mean, I think maybe it's because he's so compassionate? :/ Which is a trait you want but not when it's about your exes.

Why is it such a big deal Becca didn't fall in love? I'm actually surprised it doesn't happen more often.

It's obvious that they've both moved on. Stop dragging it out. 

I hope Kaitlyn feels happier seeing this.

Their reunion! That was freaking adorable.

Their relationship is so real and just straightforward that all these scripted questions are pretty pointless.

I like to hear these better things for Whitney on Chris' side.

"We still have much more to get to." -Harrison What else? It's funny watching him ask the questions that usually bring out the drama when there really wasn't any.

"I like knowing he gave everything 100%. He gave every relationship the attention it deserved. It makes me more secure in what we have." -Whitney. Actually a good point.

Jimmy Kimmel???

"Can I sit between you?" -Jimmy
"It wouldn't be right if you didn't." -Chris hahahahahah

"Ashley thinks she's on the Price is Right." Jimmy Kimmel! dying

"Are you making love?" -Jimmy Kimmell
"As regularly as possible." Settle down we don't need to know about your sex lives.

He brings out a cow LOL

"His name is Juan Pablo. He doesn't speak any English." HAHAHAHAHAH

And Chris Harrison whispering, "Ees ok, ees ok!!" THE BEST. He really hated JP.

New Bachelorette!! Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn!

Aww I was really hoping the crowd was going to start chanting her name!

They're really split? Between who?


How is Britt a serious contestant against Kaitlyn! I think the audience was pretty clear about who they preferred.

Maybe they just think she would make good TV???

My happiness for Chris and Whitney is equalled only by my disappointment.

Oh it's awkward. It's awkward.

Didn't Kaitlyn like, openly dislike of Britt a few times?

This is such a bad idea.

What are they going to do?? Have the men give the girl they want to stay the rose?? This is so weird. Like, I'm glad they finally got the idea to switch things up, but not like this! If they choose Britt I will be SOOOOOO disappointed!! Kaitlyn would be the best!

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