Monday, February 23, 2015

What's your fan-ta-ta-sy?

Any time someone talks about the innocence of our youth and how "times sure have changed, look at all these promiscuous things happening around us!" I'm going to remind them of that song ^^^.

Anyway. On to pre-marital polygamy

Hey! First time out of the country!

Well, I guess they did go to New Mexico. 

Really? You can see yourself with Kaitlyn? I mean, I love her - but I don't see her with Chris. 

"Kaitlyn is the kind of person I could my life." Not as my wife. :(

Aww. She's so cute! I don't want him to break her heart tonight. But he's going to. 

He's taking her to the temple! Appropriate, seeing as what's going to happen later on.

Don't care about all these analyzations. Show us the date!

Those monkeys are so cool!!

...the statues of monkeys are not. 

"I was watching the monkeys and thinking - they see what they want, they see the banana and they go and get it." -Kaitlyn. Here comes the metaphor.


"It's going to be hard for you to shake that guy." -Her stepdad. come ooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn

Chris is like, "It's 2 pm. But can we start the fantasy suite now?"


Eat! For the love of all that is holy! Eat!

Ooh he says he's falling in love with her too!

The last few seasons that I've seen, I feel like they've been pretty obvious about - we want the fantasy suite, but we aren't going to get down and dirty. Doesn't seem like it's going to be that way.

And the shades are down.

So awkward to go to one date right after the other. I hate these.

Aww he jumps off the boat to her! Can't even go back to the stairs, he's so excited. Or maybe he just wanted to show off.

Would she be hugging him so tight if she knew he just slept with Kaitlyn? :/

Whitney's been tanning!

Wow. Bali is beautiful. 

Geez cameraman get a shot that's not Whitney's butt. 

Get a ponytail baby girl.

I AM SO CONFUSED.....and now editing this, I can't remember why. Was anyone else confused about something on the boat?

I've never seen a girl more confident that she's going to be the fiancĂ©e. 

The thumbs up boatman haha

I want to see Chris talk to her about Arlington!!!

Asking her about it, he REALLY wants her to love it. 

"Life takes you places and it's not where you are, it's who you're with." -Whitney. Amen, sister.

Has anyone ever rejected a Fantasy Suite?

That bathwater still better be warm. 

Why would you show a spider?? That's not romantic!!

I'm so thrown with Becca. She's barely seemed interested and I don't see their chemistry. Am I alone here?

A terraced stream! Cool. 

TWO temple dates?

"It would be devastating if my virginity was a dealbreaker for him." -Not planning on sleeping with him.

Is this guy some kind of fortune teller?

"Any advice for our relationship?" -Becca 
"Make love." -fortune teller (?) 
"I like this guy." -Chris. Keep it in your pants, Chris.

"It never ceases to amaze me how excited I am to see Becca." -Chris. Sooooo he doesn't think about her/get excited to see her when they're apart, just when he first sees her? This is why I'm so confused!!

"I'm fearful of putting myself out there, but there's something there that's worth it." -Becca, saying, "Maybe down the road, this will be good." And while they're talking about being in love. And he looks down - not what he wanted to hear.

We should have started a word count on the word virgin. Someone rewind!

"If he's really falling in love with me, it's a possibility it could happen tonight." Really? You'd be ok with your first experience being with a guy who is also with two other women?

"I would have to make sure that I'm REALLY REALLY SURE." This girl has real commitment issues. 

"So we can get to know each other in a whole new way." -Chris. Gag.

He always kisses when he can't say deep things. Red flag on not being able to express his emotions - but that can be worked on. With a lot of patience.

Do they go in and prep these rooms like, right before? Those candles have got to be a fire hazard. Plus, the bathwater!! Is it warm?!?!

It's not a red flag she's never been in love. The fact that she was in a basically platonic relationship for 4 years, and hasn't been in love, is.

He must be so confused with this buildup.

"I'm a virgin." -Becca
"I can help with that." -What Chris is thinking 

"I'm more interested in figuring out if it's going to work." -Chris. Hey! Maybe this night WAS all about them just talking on a deeper level (no cameras = less awkward) and not sleeping together. Yeah. I'm going to tell myself that.

"I've always said I'm waiting for marriage but the reality is, I'm with a guy tonight I have feelings for." -Becca. Waiting for marriage unless my hormones get in the way.

"She has everything a man could want."

We're only an hour fifteen in and he's almost ending the last fantasy suite date. This is going to be the longest rose ceremony ever.

If he's having this many doubts about her at this point - send her home. OR if she's the only one he's so worried about that the rest aren't as important - keep her and work on it.

"Really do want them all to meet my family." Hey, is Chris Harrison around? Can I do that?
This background music is awesome. 

"Never thought I'd be complaining about falling in love with three different women - but this is my life." Get that dirt off your shoulder, Chris.

I bet if Chris Harrison got his Master's in therapy, he'd get a raise. 

"Feel pretty strong about one girl." Duh. 

"If her feelings for me are real, it's only a matter of time before it works out." - Chris. Eeeehhhhh, maybe not. See: her last relationship.

"It's not that cut and dry." (With Becca.) It is though! I feel like, if she was with someone for 4 years, and can say she wasn't in love, she has no problem stringing along a relationship. I mean, she wasn't in it for the sex. After a year or two, shouldn't you figure it out?

"Something with Whitney doesn't feel right yet." -Chris. WHAT???

"When push comes to shove, I'll make a decision and move forward with it." -Chris. Push him, Harrison!

No hugging in the temple? During the breakup??

Oh! He takes her aside so he doesn't put her through the rose ceremony. Nice. Classy.

Hey!! That means Kaitlyn stays another week! I gotta say, I'm surprised she made it this far, but I'm SO excited for her!!

Chat with Becca - maaaaaaaaaaaybe he should have talked first so she didn't pour her soul out.

The emotional trauma of going through this....

This is taking fooorrrrrreeeevvvvvveeeerrrrrr.

Can we fast forward???

I feel like this interview with Kaitlyn is building up to him sending her home instead. That music is foreboding.


She's back!! Oooohhh I guess pouring out her soul helped.

"If Becca is for Chris, then I am not. She is so young, she lacks life experience..." -Whitney. I actually agree, and it makes sense if that's why she is how she is.

Kaitlyn!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

I'm surprised at how heartbroken I am for her right now.

She already has her walls up.

Whitney's like, "Down to us two? I've got this in the bag."

You can hear the heartbeat

"I don't know if this is the right decision." "I really could see you with my family." This is the worst breakup ever!

She's like, "Where's the limo get me out of here."

Oh, I mean minivan.

Chris's sweat tissue - which was smart 'cause they were all kinds of shiny this week with that humidity. Also, is he crying?

Call her back!!

What do you think? Were you as sad I was that Kaitlyn got sent home? Am I being too harsh on Becca? Is Whitney still the frontrunner? Before you answer - this clip of Chris on Ellen.

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