Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bachelor - Night 2...late

I know this is like...four days late, but some weeks are like that. And let's be honest, Monday's episode was super boring compared to Sunday's. So we're not really missing out. In fact, if you skip this one, I won't even blame you.

Oh man there's still a full single date from last week! I forgot, since they keep BREAKING UP THE WEEKS!

"Becca tells me she's never been in love. I don't know what to think about that." -Chris. Um, what is there to think? Does it matter?

That is a killer sunset/silhouette kiss shot.

Is Britt bluffing? Seriously leaving?

Oh but not before the rose ceremony. So he can have a chance to fight for her. Obvi. So, basically, she's packing...just like everyone else does...before the ceremony. Drama queen award.

"I'm picturing Chris meeting my family and it would be devastating..................................................if I didn't get that opportunity." Really helpful that she finished that sentence.

"I need to make some really important decisions--" -Chris
"Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?" -Britt. Obviously she cares a lot about what he has to say.

These girls are aces with this analysis with Britt.

"So I as just wondering if you wanted to say anything to me..." -Britt. There's the chance to get him to beg

"There's been girls in the house telling me you're not being honest." Chris! You should have learned not to tattle!

"Was it Carly? Just tell me if it was Carly." -Britt. "Does it matter? Why?!" He's so mad!

They're talking over each other. Nice.

And somehow, he comes out on top! Broke up with her first - boom!!

First time the fake one has been called out by the bachelor himself. (But my memory's not awesome and I haven't watched all the seasons. But it's the first time I can remember.)

Man these girls and their uncontrollable crying! Where is your self-control!

Lol can they really hear her crying?

"I really trusted Carly, I thought we were friends!" -Britt. It's so funny because Carly was always giving Britt looks of like, "Are you kidding me?" I don't think she's ever acted friendly enough towards Britt to make her feel like she's a big trustee. Plus the fact that she thought it was her kinda shows she knew they weren't friends.

And Chris is thanking Carly!

....and sends her home. :( Kinda saw it coming but I'm sad we don't get to see more of her. 

We don't get to see their goodbye chat?? Come on!!

The whole process of this show is hilarious.

Guys, if you ever wonder what a girl is going through post-break-up, watch this. 

Or wait, is that just me??

"Last week the girls got to see where I came from. This week I get to see were they're from." -Chris. A little fill-in for those of you who have never watched the show before.

I swear, if they postpone another rose ceremony...

"What do you think?" -Becca. Of this tiny park? It's where I live! Surprise!

I'm really amazed that she was in a four year relationship and never had sex, AND she's not Mormon.

Has she never taken anyone home? "I don't want you to be intimidated." Umm when you're the first boy she's even brought...good luck with that.

Final 2 - Becca and Whitney. Calling before he meets the families.

AND they never met her ex of four years??? Wow.

Becca's sister, telling the real deal stuff. LISTEN to what their families tell you about these women!!

Love Becca's mom. Don't hold that mother bear back!

Wish I could've seen Chris's reassurances to that.

Awwwwww! A private Ferris wheel ride.

...with the cameraman she's staring at.

Also, is this also the first time they've gone out after seeing family? Chris is breaking all sorts of bounds here.

"What do you say we go make a baby?" -Whitney. AND SHE WINKS!! LOL

"They're making a baby but they're changing in separate rooms? How does that work?" -My husband Chris. (When I stay home he watches with me. And is hilarious.)

Um awkward. Please don't make him "leave a specimen."

"But I'm pretty sure my soules-diers are marching." -Chris. Man.

"I love that about her. Can bust my balls - no pun intended." -Chris. He is just on a roll! And I think he ends up with her.

I can't tell which was worse - that, or Shantel wanting Brad to lay on the mortuary table in Brad and Emily's season.

Decided. Shantel. Because she wasn't kidding.

He is SO SERIOUS about her, asking her who he should ask for permission.

I love Whitney cutting to the chase. Say what you mean!! You go girl! She comes off as hyper-sweet but man she can Get. It. Done.

Please don't open the wine you said you'd only open for your future husband please don't open the wine please-

Oh. She gone and did it.

Wait isn't Kaitlyn from Canada?

Oh, Phoenix is where they winter. "So where does everyone summer?" -Phoebe

Kaitlyn! Didn't she remember the Big n Rich date? At least she knew it she was getting herself into with him singing.

I like her SO MUCH but I really think she can do better than Chris. At least better for her. But what do I know?

That's pretty awesome that ALL the step parents are getting along.

How trippy would it be to watch your ex on the bachelor/ette?

"Every time I'm with him I can just see that I heart him." -Kaitlyn. "I can see that you heart him." -Kaitlyn's mom. Oh, guys. 

Ok - we don't see ANY Chris conversations? This is weird.

Oh she REALLY BIG HEARTs him!!!

She's advancing.

"I didn't get a chance to tell him." -Jade. It actually means "I didn't want to." She had plenty of opportunities.

No out on the town date, straight to the family eh?

She got her daddy's eyes.

Father talk next to the gun cabinet. Nice.

I like their humble home.

Jade's and Becca's families are so straightforward about what these girls are like. Good!

How has she not had time to show him her whole self? I mean if she has walls up, fine, but either you're being yourself or you're not.

When they got in the car it was still light, but they get out and it's dark. How long were they driving?

"Live life by my own rules." -Jade. Red flag for someone looking for a serious relationship.

I wonder what he's expecting with this buildup.

Oh! He doesn't want to see them!

This is so inappropriate. 

HE FINALLY LOOKED AWAY!! When a girl was undressing!!!

...and then watched the video. :(

If I ended up being his fiancée (Whitney) I'd be so mad he watched that. But then, I guess they do know about fantasy suites.

"I don't feel like this would affect our relationship." -Chris. Really??

What are her socks?

At least he sees it WOULD affect his life. EVERYONE could see your wife naked. Aca-awkward. 

The Chris and Whitney scene after the credits - "This just made my whole entire night." Well that's too bad since you just met her family and she pretty much told you she wanted to marry you. haha!

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