Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A lil' update

I sent this as an email to my family and I like the way it turned out, so I decided to share it as an update of things I might not have mentioned on FB or Instagram.

It's fall so Texas is cooling down A TON. It's only been in the 80's here for the last couple weeks so I expect I'll see people start breaking out their parkas soon. (no joke. Saw tons of them last winter in 50 degree weather. PARKAS!) But it is a pretty cool time of year here - the birds are migrating which means hundreds and hundreds of them all convene at dusk, usually around grocery store parking lots, and all you can hear is the squawking of just tons of birds. I haven't seen this end of it yet but I remember last year they were all around for at least a month. It's pretty cool, just don't walk under the trees or power lines because the bird poop starts to pile up ;)

Chris is running a Ragnar race this weekend. He's on a team of 8 people and it's a relay with three legs, so they each run a leg of 3, 5 and 7 miles and it's the team that finishes all three is the winner! It's close to San Antonio and it's an overnight thing so we'll be camping out in "the mountains" (they told him to practice running at elevation. it's like 200ft above sea level.) with the girls Friday night. Wish me luck! Oh and Chris too.

Ariana is trying to learn more words and how to be polite and McKenna is trying to walk before she can crawl. She scoots a lot and now lifts herself to standing on things. Her palate is growing quite refined; I'm feeding her mashed up adult foods which she supplements with paper and plastic she finds on the floor.

Well anyway. I wrote this to procrastinate a workout so I'd better get to it. (I started a 12-week program with a friend and whoever skips a day first owes the other one a new workout outfit. Is that a thing? I've never bought clothes specifically to work out in, and she's got classy style so I gotta win!)

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  1. Just caught up on your blog and you always make me smile! I can relate to hiding in the closet and breaking the rules on a sunday for a sick husband! And I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the scriptures. It's always nice to read what others get out of things. I honestly had never thought much about those things before. Thanks for sharing!