Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Clothes are such a hindrance to childhood

For propriety's sake, since this IS the big bad internet, I won't post photos to go along with these stories, but rest assured they are documented for her sake when Ariana grows up. And for scaring off any boys, though, honestly, she's so fiery I doubt that will be something we will have to deal with. That child can hold her own.

The first happened when we were in Montana. She is a water-lover, and the reunion we went to was on this lake. Like, separated by some trees and a downhill hike and you were there. With family, I generally feel comfortable leaving her unsupervised, but being so close to the water I didn't want her out of an adult's sight the whole trip. (I know I promised to blog about the life-changes on this trip. It's coming.) At first I wasn't too anxious since she hadn't seen the lake the first day, but we took her down there the next one and boy oh boy did she love it. She was mad when we had to go, and since it was just a simple trail down, I knew she'd try to go back on her own.

Sure enough, at the big family softball game the last day, Chris and I dropped her off with Grandma and went to play us some ball. And what was the very first thing she does? Leads Grandma to the trail, and as she's walking - the child doesn't even wait to get to the water! - she strips off her clothes! Shirt, pants, diaper, the whole caboodle! By the time they hit the shore she is butt-naked and happy as a clam. The picture I have of her is her sitting on the half-submerged dock, hands under her legs and smiling up at the camera like she just couldn't be any happier than to be naked in a lake!

The second story (and not the only one of these) is from today's quiet time. She spends about an hour in her room alone every morning to cool down from what energy generally works up in her and into tantrums. This morning, she comes out of her room and plays around with me for a while in the living room, and we turn on a show for a few minutes. Well, in her focus, she pulls down her pants - which I had vaguely noticed were on backwards and inside-out, but who's to say that couldn't have been me? - and I see her tiny bum poking up out of them. I get curious and peek down her pants, and sure enough, her diaper was nowhere to be found! She had taken off her pants, then her diaper, left it on her bed and put her pants back on!

Luckily, she hadn't mistaken her bed for one big diaper so it was just a matter of getting her clothed again. I can't decide if potty training will make these habits better or worse. "You mean I can take off my diaper more?" But maybe she will learn to put it back on? Whatever. The kid likes to be free.

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