Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trying to be a morning person

I woke up before the girls - voluntarily - this morning, for the first time since McKenna was born. (I did do it with Ariana a couple times. Barely.) Well not totally voluntarily. Weeeeee got a dog. We found a different rescue and a puppy we are fostering to adopt - basically taking care if her for a while to see if she's a good fit for us, but we take her to events and stuff in the meantime. So Chris takes her to pee first thing before work but that's all he has time for, so she was back in her kennel and whining a ton! It was 6:15 and I hardly knew what I was doing before we were outside on a quick walk. I was motivated too because yesterday (her first morning with us) I tried taking her out with the girls and it was a disaster all around. So I vaguely wanted to see what would happen if I went out with her real quick before they were up. Don't worry my apartment is completely visible to me the whole time. And locked. :)

And it was so refreshing to be outside. Humid as heck but not suuuuuper hot yet so it was a good time to be out. Luckily she was done after about 10 minutes so we came back inside. And since I was already up and somewhat awake, since we left the house, I read scriptures, prayed, etc.

And. Well. People rave about how great mornings are and I've just never felt it. That's the nighttime for me. Magical. So today, mostly I just didn't feel like I was behind all day. I had a break early afternoon, and my first thought was to read scriptures, because I've been trying to do that before I do other "relaxing" things. (Facebook, TV, crafts, etc.) And when I remembered I had already read them it was such a relief! I enjoy it, I really do, but it can still feel like a chore. But in the morning I was able to devote time to it without worrying about taking time away from relaxing that doesn't feel like a chore. Which I know is silly. But there you have it. 

So anyway. The rest of the day flew by. Some things went wrong and others went splendidly. I did feel like I was very slightly more patient or relaxed or something because I didn't have the guilt of feeling behind all day, especially with the Lord. But it's not like there was some huge revelation about why mornings are cool and nights drool. I think I will have to be a morning person eventually (thanks, motherhood) but obviously I put it off. It hasn't been a big enough deal for me to change yet soooooo we'll see if this sticks. If I have something to keep me busy, like a whiny, energetic puppy, I think I can do it. I just hate mornings and love sleeping in.

And sidenote - what did the pioneers do to unwind? Before ample chocolate and Friends? I can't even imagine it.

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