Sunday, July 6, 2014


Tonight was a night where I just broke all the rules. Chris has been horribly sick all day so I made an emergency trip to Walmart, generally a huge no-no for Sundays. But you should have seen him, my poor sickly husband. It's been awful. I tried to get only the necessary things for his sickness, but I may have thrown some diapers in there. I know. I'm a rebel. AND I took Ariana with me, even though she was already in bed and it would delay her sleep even further. I'm a total sleep nazi, too which I guess means that even nazis can change, so there is hope for anyone. Sometimes you just need a break though, you know? But Ariana was wide awake anyway, it'd be one less kid for Chris to listen for when he's feeling so horrible. I did feel bad at the store, but diapers were $40 a pop which I think was my punishment. I bet they're cheaper on the other days of the week. It makes me seriously consider cloth diapering, except then I remember I would have to deal with poop EVEN MORE than normal mommy-ness allows, so that flew through the window. Some things are worth paying for.

Oh. I also went to bed without my nightly walk-around pickup of the house. But I did clean the George Foreman grill, because nobody wants to wake up to old hamburger fat. Gross!

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