Sunday, July 6, 2014

Flash flooding?

The other day, I learned for real what a "flash flood" was. And I don't even know if it was fast enough to be considered that, because it didn't totally flood, but the water got real high, real fast.

I went to mail a package - to return a shirt I bought online, and isn't online shopping the MOST annoying when you can't try something on? I did it out of desperation and of course I didn't like what I got. Well, I did like 2/3 things so that's a win but still. I wish sites could be more descriptive OR have clothes for girls with curves. Anyway, I leave the postal shop around 4:30 and the guy and I were chatting about how it might rain, and sure enough, on my way out the door I felt a few droplets. and Yay! Because it's been storming here every day for like 2 weeks and I just love thunderstorms.

Well, my next appointment is to the physical therapist because my neck is shaped like an "s" instead of a backwards "c," so twice a week I do exercises for an hour to get my spine corrected. It was lightning and thundering like I haven't heard in years!! It was so cool! It may as well have been right above us for how loud and intense things were.

Then, after this has been going on for about half an hour, one of the therapists walks by and says, "the street outside is flooded." Uuuuhhhhhhhh WHAT? I jumped up from the massage table I was on to look at the window and sure enough, the water outside was at least 6 inches high! Which is a lot for having started less than an hour ago!! 

So I ask them for step-by-step instructions on how to drive in this mess because I've driven in a lot of bad weather before but never (hell or) high water. Mostly I was worried about the dip when you get out of the parking lot. They told me certain streets to drive on to get home. I know it's silly, but I live a mile away from this place and I was honestly worried about getting home. Do you see how much water is out there? It wasn't showing signs of letting up, either. And the roads here are terrible.

Well, I figured I better man up and get the heck moving because I mostly just stood on the top of the steps but that wasn't going to get me anywhere. So I drove and prayed and prayed and didn't stop and hoped the ditches I was driving through weren't secretly vortexes of terror because the whole thing was kind of a nightmare. I wonder if that's why everyone goes to Utah and drives so terribly because nobody can fathom driving in some snow they've never seen. (They get a lout of warm-blooded people up there.)

The scariest part was when I was about to turn on a street but saw everyone flipping their u-ies (you probably thought I was going to say birds huh?) and so I pulled over and saw this giant puddle where a car got stuck, and some of the bigger cars drove by and the stuck car was actually bouncing up and down in the water!


Well the main street was better if you stay in the inner lanes but, sure enough, the road to my apartment complex was blocked because someone got stuck in the water. So I just drove on just past my complex, pulled into a restaurant across the street and walked home. Don't worry, the rain was almost stopped by now. I could have gone around the neighborhood but who knew how many cars were stuck along the way?

So all in all, I'm safe and now know that holy crap the rain here can rise fast! And when I went to WalMart 2 hours later, like I was supposed to right after my therapy, the streets were dry except the puddles of water in the deeper ditches. What the heck??

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