Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Please tell me I'm not the only mom who's hidden in the closet.

Yesterday was a day that called for no fewer than 3 bowls of ice cream. It was a day where I had to warn Chris before he got home of everyone's mood. Then, when he did get home and asked what he could do, I said, "Take care of everything!!!" I handed over the baby and left to be alone for JUST A GOSH DANG MINUTE. (Which turned in to 30, but we don't count in these situations. Take all the time you need, sister.)

But where to retreat within the house? I was going to relax on the couch, but still would have heard McKenna's screams that have become her whole voice, and I knew if Ariana could see me at all, I'd hear the constant refrain of "mommymommymommymommymommymommy." So where was the most secluded place I could think of?

Ariana's closet. Currently being used for storage. 

But no one would ask me for anything!

In fact, when Chris found me in there a few minutes later (no! Go away!!!), he was puzzled but didn't ask much, and soon he even brought me dinner. I looked at old, packed away scrapbooks and escaped my current life for 30 minutes. 

Which life is really great. Normally, I love helping Ariana understand more about this great big world we live in. And while I could always do with less screams from McKenna - at least they are happy screams! I am so lucky to be their mother. And so so blessed to have a husband who can take care of it all when I can't. Because some days are throw-yourself-from-a-cliff kind of days. This whole week has been, actually. 

What do you do to chill or deal with hard days? I'm actually asking. I feel lost in this. And I'm talking about the days where your neck might snap if you hear one more _________ (whatever your pet peeves are).


  1. Oh my heck (I've never actually used that expression before...). I so feel you here. It was that sort of week for me, too. On Wednesday I left right after putting the kids in bed, bought an overpriced and insanely delicious cheesecake, and drove 30 minutes to my best friend's house where we talked and ate for 2.5 hours before I drove home, walking in my door at midnight. That one night fixed the rest of my week. I wish I could do that more often. This raisin' kids businesses is way harder than I expected.

  2. So, I find that I eat, which isn't good, so I try to go work out if I can, but really it is about finding something that makes you feel like you matter, not as someone's mom or wife, but as yourself, I am a very creative person, if I get a chance to harness those talents, I feel so much better, and if someone notices and compliments me, all the better. Sometimes we get so busy we forget about ourselves and how we fit into this world, and it may take time in the closet to help remind us. But that is ok. Nothing wrong with hanging out in the closet.

  3. First I want to say that I just love how honest and straight forward your posts are. It's very real and easy to relate to. On that note, um, no, I've never hid in a closet or felt the need to. But I can offer some suggestions (hopefully you're not already doing these things because I hate to give unhelpful advice), but anyway: take some time for yourself DURING THE DAY. Not necessarily AWAY from your kids, but don't always do what THEY want to do. I thoroughly enjoy design projects, sewing, reading something other than Dr. Seuss, etc. And absolutely none of those are very suitable for a 3 1/2 and 7 month old. But I do them anyway. Not everyday, not all the time, but Brooke and Benjamin can be at least satisfied for 30 minutes while I do something I want to do. And I suggest to take this time during the day because by the time you get your kids to bed you probably either want to go to bed too, or you're going to spend some alone time with the hubby. Plus taking time for yourself during the day is kind of like a break from mommy stuff (kind of, not completely). Something else I have found VERY helpful since we moved to Illinois is going to a playgroup regularly. Our ward here has one every Tuesday so it's nice and not awkward with people I don't know. And it is a great feeling getting to talk to an adult :-) and let my kids also have some fun interaction with other kids. It's a win-win situation! I hope this helps!!!