Monday, June 30, 2014

We're getting a puppy!!

Meet Alice and Edward

These are the puppies Chris found online for us to adopt about a month ago. Aren't they precious?? Well, at first, he found Alice, but as it turned out, she had been in an accident and Edward, her brother, was vital to her recovery. She didn't seem like she was going to make it until he started visiting, so they were a package deal.

I was wary about getting one dog, but after asking Chris about every uncertainty I could think of, I agreed. Then, we found Alice, and agreed to meet them, even though we couldn't possibly imagine having two dogs. I mean, wouldn't it be too much? What with just having a baby and all?

Then we met them. And boy oh boy did we fall in love. Like, I even fell in love. Their foster mom brought them to our house and I felt this instant connection with them - something I can't say for any other dog we've ever looked at. Seeing them walk around our apartment, it just felt like they belonged there. So even though it was unexpected, and more expensive, I was fully on board getting the both of them. 

We had to work, not through the foster mom, but a lady from the rescue organization, with whom we talked on the phone a lot. You see, she was wary because we had two little kids. She couldn't possibly see how we could handle two kids AND two puppies. Admittedly, it would have been a lot, but nothing we couldn't handle. The foster mom took us through their daily schedule and I found it absolutely do-able. We assured the lady that we were very willing to put in the time and effort for the both of them. We didn't mention this, but we had even bought all the supplies we would need - toys, a cage from CL we'd pick up later, two beds, a water bowl and two food bowls, etc. We were getting prepped and excited!!

Well, you'll notice my post says, "We're getting A puppy." A couple weeks passed, and the lady in charge was being wishy washy. "I need to talk to the vet to see if you can handle it," was her first stalling technique. Huh? What does your vet possibly know about our limits that we couldn't tell you? She gave us more stalls. Once a whole week passed without us hearing from her. 

Then, one day she contacted Chris. Apparently, there had been some sort of scuffle at the vet's over a toy, and the vet had taken the you away and the dog had nipped at the vet. So OBVIOUSLY this means they are unfit to be around kids. And now they are refusing to let us adopt them.

Maybe it's silly, but I am a little heartbroken. I seriously fell in love with these two pups. That just hasn't happened with me before. We have looked for dogs on and off for our entire marriage. Chris has always wanted one and I have always put it off, and we've gotten other animals to fill in the gap of not having a puppy. And then we found some we actually loved and wanted to be a part of our family and they denied us.

We were pretty sad for a few days. We still are, actually, but what can you do? Chris started looking again, and we went to an adoption event by the same people and found one dog who might work. We meet her at her foster home tomorrow and we'll see how that goes. 

So despite my sad overtones, we are very excited to get a dog! And I hope whichever one we get it clicks just as much. I know you might be thinking we were crazy for wanting two, and maybe we were, but we just felt so good about it. SO ANYWAY. Wish us luck with the next one! (And if this one doesn't work out, we'll go to a different rescue. Because come on. We're trying to HELP you get a good home for your dogs! Isn't that the point??)

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  1. A puppy! How fun! Sorry you don't get to adopt Alice or Edward but man I bet Ariana will love having a dog at home!