Thursday, June 26, 2014

Starting Yoga

I've been wanting to exercise for a while, but I don't push myself too hard after having a baby. I mean, I just had a baby. That's not a time where I feel I need to push my body because I just pushed a baby out. (Kinda.) But I know that, eventually, I'll start wanting to be more active.

I've also wanted to get into yoga for a long time. I did a few sessions when I was part of Gold's in Orem and they were fantastic. I thought it would be cool, but I had no idea yoga was such a workout! There was one teacher in particular that I loved, who pushed us really hard but still explained things really well for the beginners. I always felt rejuvenated after a class, something I had never been able to say for other exercises. Sure, I felt kind of energized, but the exhaustion always outweighed the happiness.

Well, my friend and I found this 30-day yoga challenge on Youtube so I started last Monday and I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! The first day was 20 minutes and since then they've all been between 11 and 17 minutes long. Totally doable during the day, especially considering you don't sweat super bad, so there's no requirement to shower afterward. That's something that always puts me off of harder exercising. I just don't have the time to spend 40 minutes working out, then a cool down, then half an hour showering and re-getting ready. Plus getting my hair wet that often really annoys me. With this yoga, I can just wear what I'm wearing, which is usually pajama pants.

The reason I'm so excited about it today is because the instructor taught how to get into crow. It's the position where your hands are the only thing touching the floor, with your arms slightly bent and your knees resting on your triceps, bum and feet in the air. Yesterday, when she did a quick preview, I laughed because, come on. This is day 8. And the other days have just been regular yoga, nothing too fancy, but even though she did a few super hard poses, there was nothing extreme. So I saw this and said, "Ok I'll try it, but lezbihonest. Not happening."

But guess what? It was pretty good!! She did a few minutes of prep, like explaining the best way to do it and then doing a couple exercises imitating it on your back on the floor so you know what to expect once you try it for real. And by the time I was on my hands, trying it out, I felt confident enough to try being JUST on my hands a couple times! Who knew?? I fell every time, of course, but I did stay up for like a second and a half, one time, so - Hooray!!

I'm really excited about this. Yoga is the first exercise that's made me feel confident in my body instead of overwhelmed or intimidated. I mean, it's intimidating, but in the good way. At the end of today, she was like, "I know it's hard! You shouldn't feel like you have to do it, but with yoga, improvement is inevitable. Just keep practicing." So it was super encouraging.

I just like it a lot.

Here's a link to the first day of the challenge if you want to try it out too. Day 1 has been the longest one so far at 19:35. 

Let me know if you do it too!


  1. I made Weston do this tonight. It was pretty hilarious.

  2. Hahaha Kelsi I bet it was! Have you done it too? Or did you just sit on the couch and watch him do it? ;)

  3. Just watched of course! Haha.