Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I am working on saying things at the appropriate times. Sometimes I am super bad at saying something only vaguely related to a story a friend has told me and it completely kills the track of the conversation.

For example, tonight, a friend was telling me about how her son's birthday party turned out. She'd had to plan it over the course of an otherwise very busy week, so I wanted to know how his day had been - specifically, his cake, which was the only thing he cared about and he wanted it to be elaborate. So she showed me pictures of this really amazing space-themed cake.She is a gifted baker and the cake was two-tiered, black, with stars along the bottom layer AND it had the solar system planets revolving around the top of it. It was so cool! 

Now, would this be the best time to mention that most models of the solar system aren't actually to scale, because in order to be, they would cover a football field and a half, and the moon would only be the size of a pixel? Space is much more vast then we realize. This is what popped into my head in that moment. Isn't that weird? I think I need to get a life. It's an interesting factoid (just to me? Maybe?), but it would have been utterly out of place in our conversation. Even though what I have to say may be interesting, what's the point of saying it if I don't build a connection?

Isn't this so elementary? I mean, who doesn't know this yet? Well, it's taken me a long time to learn, and I think my overarching problem is the lack of a filter. I am trying to build one, to think of how the things I say affect other people. Also, how to connect appropriately from one subject to the next. I don't know what happened but my social skills have been seriously lacking and I've been having a hard time having real conversations with people. I have a hard time thinking of questions to ask, or continue on a subject I'm not super interested in, so I just...stop....talking.... I just feel so scatterbrained! It's so hard to focus! Is it because I spend my days with babies? Is it the move to Texas, so now I feel out of place? As Ariana would say, "No no no??" (I don't know.)

Hi, I'm Rosanne and I'm 27 years old. I wonder what other life lessons I will need to learn at an inappropriately old age.

Don't worry - I responded with the appropriate enthusiasm and the conversation grew. But is that just the weirdest? Am I the only one who does this?

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  1. Um, I am the worst with conversations. Josh and my mom cut their conversations short with me because I make it awkward for my own flippin family! lol so no, you are not the only one.