Thursday, May 29, 2014

This is a trip to the grocery store

This is me after a shopping trip AND being in an air conditioned car and house for 15 minutes:

This is Ariana when she realized I was taking pictures:

This is our ice cream treat for being SO good and patient in the store:

And THIS is all the items I stored in the SAME cart as a baby who wouldn't let anything sit by her AND a baby/car seat:

Not pictured: Me grabbing an extra cart on the way out so as not to play Tetris around the babies again, sweating like a mad man, carting two carts all over creation, because I realized halfway to the car that I had FORGOTTEN to give the cashier my coupons (since I almost never use them), so I went back into the store, to customer service, where the lady had to cross check every item and it's like, "Really? Do you think I would drag ALL this back here with one baby who keeps calling for my attention and one who is crying, sweating like a pig, to scam Walmart out of twelve bucks??"

But I kept my cool. Which I think is the best part of this story. 

Or it could be Ariana lapping up her melted ice cream like a puppy:

Yep. Baby wins!!

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