Thursday, June 12, 2014

Memorial Day weekend

You know how sometimes you make friends, and (if you're married or paired up) the four of you get along so well it's like fate brought you together? Chris and I have been fortunate enough to make a few friends of this caliber over the years and last weekend, we went to visit some of them!

Zach and Nikki live in Atlanta, which is about a 13 hour drive. Coincidentally, I have family there too, so we decided to take a long Memorial Day weekend and visit family and friends. SOMEBODY (I can't say who) (it was me) had the BRILLIANT idea to drive through the night. The idea was that the girls would sleep on the way there, making it easier since we all know how babies can be, locked in their car seat for hours at a time.

This is our outlook at the beginning of the drive:
Wearing headphones to drown out the already crying girls. 

And it only went downhill from there. 

I won't rehash the entire night for you because it was something I never want to experience again. But I'll recap so you get the idea. We left around 5 PM, just hitting rush hour, which in Houston is nothing to shrug off. But it only held us back an extra half hour or so, which seemed miraculous and insignificant in a 13 hour drive. The rest of the night included crying babies, hungry babies, a cranky husband and wife, a 2.5 hour detour starting at 1AM, roughly the same in sleep for each of us, and hours upon hours of screaming (done by the kids) (mostly).

You know how they say to take a road trip with your intended before getting married to see what they're like after being stuck in a car? Fabulous idea. I'm pretty sure we are in it to win it now. We took one long road trip while dating, but now we've done it with two screaming children, which just adds a whole other level. 

We will never do it again.

But we did see this gorgeous sunrise. 
Well, I saw it. This was during Chris's 2-hour sleep.
Ok! So the worst part was over. Onward and upward! We got to my aunt's house, where my mom had driven to with another of her sisters to meet us, spent some time catching up and then went to the darkest room in the lowest floor to sleep sleep sleep! After that, things looked much brighter. My aunt lives in an Atlanta suburb and it is just gorgeous there. So lush and not too humid, we spent a lot of time outside on her deck just shooting the breeze. My cousins arrived later that day with some of their kids and we had a great time getting to know each other more. (This is family it hadn't gotten to see very often growing up.) We didn't take many pictures that day, but it was simply great to see everyone and hang out for the day. It was the perfect start (not including the drive) to the weekend!

Oh. Except for the part where Chris made a joke about me being pregnant. And I almost started crying.

SO THEN on Saturday morning we drove up to the lake house in South Carolina. Again, it was a beautiful drive, and we ended up in a town that was so spread out, it hardly seemed like a town at all, just a smattering of houses and churches at an almost perfect 1:1 ratio. (We are in the South after all.) 

This is the back of the house, the view from the lake.

And looking down from the deck to the lake.

The fire pit where delicious s'mores were made and inhaled.
The lakehouse was simply dreamy. I can't recall what day held what, but I remember the experiences. 

There was the time we went paddle boarding
Actually that happened like 7 times, this was just the only time
I took pictures.
There was the time we took the convertible to the store (30 minutes away) and it started raining on the way home
Of course
There was the time I got to nurse my baby whilst eating s'mores and relaxing at the bonfire lakeside. (That happened in a hammock too. What a life.)

There was the time I texted this picture to my friend Whitni, asking if this was the DELICIOUS popcorn she had recently shared with me, and she texted me back a picture of HER with the SAME POPCORN she was picking up at the exact same time. Creeeeeeepppeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr!
You're welcome for the free advertising, Angie's
There was the time we went on walks, and babies replaced our husband's heads.
Chris said, "Can you tell which one is me?" :D
There was the time I was craving brownies so badly, I bought some at the gas station for an ungodly price and then Chris drew a smiley face in them. 

There was the time we hiked down a waterfall. It doesn't sound treacherous until you add two toddlers and two newborns. 

There was the time Kate played matchmaker

And then there were the times where we just got to hang out. Chat. Be friends. These neighbors lived below us while I went through chemo, recovery, pregnancy, and the birth of Ariana. We saw them grow their family as well, and it was just amazing to spend some quality time together.

I won't go on because I'm just getting sappy, so I'll just say - we had so much fun!

And here's a picture of the girls watching a butterfly eat poo. 

My view while Chris drove part of the way home. It was during the day, and considerably easier. Go figure. 

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