Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mommy's tired

McKenna will be three months old tomorrow, so I should probably be back up on my feet with all this energy and gusto and willpower to do ALL the things for my kids, right? Plus I should be more saintly because it seems to be that the more kids you have, the more people think you're patient and giving and all that, and apparently (I didn't know this before) having two kids is a LOT. Like, we're crazy anytime we go out in public to have two kids in tow.
You ARE crazy, Mom.
So I should be more patient but what I actually am is tired and cranky and lifeless. McKenna thinks it's normal to eat every two hours which is super cool because then my butt doesn't leave the couch for half the day. And since Ariana can't leave my side, that's where she spends a lot of time, too. Hey! Netflix should invest in Sesame Street so that while Ariana's parking her rear in front of the TV, she's at least learning something worthwhile. Instead she learns how to maximize comfort while sitting down, or the best way to finagle her way onto Mommy's lap while I'm feeding baby. I mean, these are good things (?), but they aren't exactly life skills. So I should find something that challenges her, but keeping them both alive is challenging me right now and it's all just overwhelming.

Mom! Mom! Feed me mom!
I know this will all pass, yatta yatta yatta, but today/this week/the last three months, it's hard. I thought things were getting better there for a while, but then I got called into the Primary Presidency (which means that during church I have get to work with the kids), and it's not really that demanding outside of church, but it's a whole lotta new info about new responsibilities when I just barely felt like I was getting used to the old ones.
I bet if you sat in this colander for a minute you'd be
less stressed. Feels kinda nice.
I wish Chris didn't have to work and we could live off love because then we'd be freaking rich. So at least I have that. (Love, that is.)

And these cute kids. I mean, they're adorable, even if they are exhausting.

I know you're tired but I'm so happy! YAY!
(^ She actually screams a lot which is why all her smiley pictures are blurry, you gotta be fast to catch them. Screaming doesn't affect later development, right? :/)

Saturday, April 26, 2014


I came across this article earlier this week, and I found it fascinating. Not necessarily because of its contents - it talks about the possibility of parallel worlds existing mere millimeters away from us in another form of space. I know I don't know much about science, but it seemed kinda far-fetched. I mean, I guess who knows, right? But still.

But it reminded me of something my biology professor told us once.

He was trying to explain to us the concept of infinity. He said that if it's true that ours is an infinite universe, it means infinite possibilities. That means that somewhere out there, there is a professor just like him, teaching a class just like ours, about just the same principle as he is now.

And not only is it happening once.

It's happening infinite times.


That's my mind exploding. Every time I think about that, I just get dizzy thinking of it. And then my mind wanders to the possibilities. What if one of my hairs is different on another world? That's got to be happening somewhere else too, or perhaps another hair, or it's a different colored shirt, or maybe somewhere else everyone has different skin colors, or maybe trees are purple with that hair that's out of place, and maybe somewhere else my friend sitting next to me goes by Laura instead of Lu...

I can't do it anymore. My mind can't take it all.

But it's by far the best explanation of infinity I'd ever heard.

(Did you get dizzy thinking about it too?)