Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Two weeks left. We can do this.

Alright. Let's see how this all unravels.

*IS Clare going to have her happy ending?

*Someday I want my mundane sentences to be followed with flowery music.

*"I don't know if the Fantasy Suite is for me..." -Clare. LOL. Let's see how that works out. Bet I can guess it.

*"Tonight is a great night to figure out how I feel about Clare." -JP. Is it the first night he's thought about this?

*"We'll get to know each other better tonight...a lot better..." -JP. I feel like he should have added an exaggerated "wink wink" at the end of that.

*"If things work out between us, is it weird that I want to meet Camila?" -Clare. Ummmm.....his daughter??? No that's not - oh his ex? Is her name Camila too? Ok I hope so. Even still - no it's not weird that you want to meet your boyfriend's daughter's mom. But I thought she meant his daughter for a minute.

*"This is week 9..." -JP talking about how it's okay that they have an overnight now and not setting a bad example. So it's okay in week 9 but not week 4? Ok.

*"Like, I really, really, really want to make sure we're on the same page." -Clare. "We are." -JP. What page is that? Because you all just talked a of of circles around each other. I still have no idea what you're talking about.

*Clare has the pouty little girl face down to a T.

*"This is crazy. We started out in a hot tub, and now [we're in another hot tub]." -Clare. WHOA. NO KIDDING.

*This date is really anti-climactic with Andi, because we all know it's ending. So this music and buildup is doing nothing for me.

*I love that she's so real about the whole situation.

*Of course he thinks it all went well if he was just talking about himself.

*Why not break up with him immediately instead of waiting until the rose ceremony?

*"The last couple of days have been hard..." -Andi. I'm sure it's difficult being stuck on a tropical island for a couple extra days. Score!

*Wow. This breakup is crazy matter of fact. And no crushing background music.

*The quote of "You barely made it here" was taken waaaayyyyy out of context. As per usual, editors.

*It's funny that she doesn't want him to say "okay." LOL.

*He doesn't mean that a little argument kills it, right? Just that her specific unhappiness killed it? I feel like there's a lot getting lost in translation

*How awkward that it's just Nikki and Clare left.

*"It's the Women Tell All like you've never seen it before." Oh Chris. You say that every season.

Well that was fun. I guess.

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  1. ZZZZZzzzzz Sorry I fell asleep. Luckily, I woke up to Andi kick the poo out of JP with her rhetoric. I have grown to dislike JP a lot over the last few episodes. I know this whole show is about having fun, traveling, making out, etc. but I thought JP was little more sincere about it like Sean was. Booooo! I think Nikki and JP are perfect for each other. Rude, honest to a fault, obsessed with themselves. If that's who he wants and he's happy with her and Camilla then I'm happy for him. I kinda get the feeling he's been a player in the past and I don't really see this going the distance. Clare's mannerisms are seriously driving me crazy! She has a wonky eyebrow that she uses all the time and the way she stresses certain syllables when she talks. UGH! I wish they didn't read what was on the card from Chris Harrison. We all know what it says by now. I just rolled my eyes through that whole episode.
    P.S. I dislike Nikki's bikini top a lot! It's like some western wear swimsuit.