Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This had better be GOOD!

This week's title brought to you by Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove.

*What is making Nikki say JP is a cowboy?

*"Kansas City." "My hometown." "Kansas City is my hometown." "My Hometown is Kansas City." "Kansas City."

*Uhhhh KC is NOT this cowboy-ish, for any confused viewers.

*The BBQ is exquisite though.

*"My family's opinion means everything to me." I love when they say that, and still refuse to listen when their family tells them to back off.

*Holy Nice House Nikki's parents.

*"Worried about my dad because he's logical." .... That's right girlfriend. Don't let something as silly as "logic" get in the way of your Eternal Happiness.

*She's about to tell him she loves him, and he says........"You're cute. Very cute." I feel awkward.

*"There's definitely something going on between the two of us." -JP. Phew! We got that cleared up.

*"I cannot bring him home to meet my family if he doesn't hit a bulls-eye." -Andi. I'd LOVE to see her follow through on this.

*"Andi came out very relaxed after shooting those guns." -JP. Now he'll know where she'll go in the relationship when she gets pissed at him and leaves.

*"I'm looking at two people who may be a little infatuated with each other." -Andi's dad. Add 23 people to that and you have the entire essence of this show.

*I can't believe it's such a big deal that some parents have a hard time with this situation. How is it not this way in EVERY family?

*I think Andi's mom wanted to dance with JP, not watch her daughter dance with him.

*"JP and I do best when we are having fun." -Andi. That's perfect because that's all real life is - FUN!!!

*"Andi's dad's perspective is that first, I find somebody that I connect with, and then see if she fit into my life with Camila." -JP. Is that not how it is? I mean, it'd be counteractive to find a good stepmom for Camila that you hate, because then you're back where you started with her biological mom. (Except she wasn't a step mom.)

*"I can't sit here and concern myself with the idea that might not work out." -Andi. That's at least a good perspective. But a bummer since odds are it won't.

*Does the show travel with a background for the one-on-one interviews, even when they're at hometowns? So fancy.

*I love that JP takes the moms so seriously.

*"When I get home I'm literally just going to eat my son." -Renee. I get it girl. I eat my babies all the time. (No seriously. Ariana has a biting problem because of it. Whoops....)

*Awww. I just love Renee.

*"My parents have been dead on on every relationship I've ever been in." I wonder how they'll react to Juan Pablo.

**OK at this point in the show, Chris got home and our deal is he gets the computer to watch Netflix while I indulge myself in Bachelor. Then I had to feed McKenna sooo the rest of this is scattered and not very comprehensive. And I could be remembering things wrong.**

*Clare's teeth are fake, right?

*Does anyone understand what's happening with Clare and her sister? I'm sooooo lost. All I noticed was that Clare is suddenly pissed and I think I missed why.

*JP is way more invested in this interaction/goodnight scene with Clare than he was with Andi.

*OH I forget they got roses this week. I'm suddenly nervous!!

*Did NOT see Renee going home. But I'm glad she is. She's way too good for him

*Post-show scene notes - When the bird eats their lunch - You guys weren't going to eat that food anyway. We all know it's for show.

I hardly care about what happens next. My brother (I'll save him by not telling you which brother, and saying I'm sure he's not a religious watcher of the show) mentioned that they only talk in platitudes, or feel-good phrases that sound good for a moment but really mean nothing. And that is true for THIS ENTIRE SEASON!! I literally know nothing more about JP right now than I did on the first episode. Isn't that a little silly? I'll watch tonight to find out what the big drama is all about, and probably Women Tell All but I honestly couldn't care less who he ends up with now, since the preview made it look pretty certain that it's not going to be Andi.


  1. Ummmm....which brother actually watches this crap? The words sound like Brian's. Whoops...did I just out him?

  2. Boooo hissss! This season was very disappointing. Renee and Andi are too good for him. I felt the same way with Clare and her family. What'd I miss?I'm really not that interested anymore either.