Monday, February 24, 2014

It won't be like this for long

There is a Darius Rucker song called, "It Won't Be Like This For Long." I think I've only heard the song a handful of times, and the only line I really remember is the 7-word title, but maaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn. If it doesn't have the best message.

Aside from Rucker's fantastic voice and heartfelt emotion that make the song what it is, the lyrics themselves are so beautiful and honest. He outlines parts of a child's life and the importance of cherishing the moments that may drive you crazy because they will all be over soon. I hear this advice over and over again from people who have been where I am, so I figure it must be worth something, right? But the exact phrasing Rucker came up with hits me hard. I love the idea of appreciating the moments as they come. Ariana is so much like me that I only have myself to blame for her explosive personality that may make me crazy sometimes. I try and think of the good that will come of her hard-headed, strong-willed, beautiful heart, and I know that still, my dreams for her could barely scratch the surface of all that she can accomplish. I am still getting to know McKenna (and Ariana, for that matter), but the same goes for her. I am so blessed to live a life where I can watch them grow, and enjoying the hard times along with the good are crucial to that journey.

That's why I love this song so much. To me, it says to cherish the good moments, because they'll be gone before I know it. But it ALSO says that the bad moments won't last as long as I think, either. How true that is. Through the countless struggles I have faced, many of which seemed like they would never, ever end - somehow, here I am on the other side of them. What's that? I'm still here?! It's a miracle! It is the perfect saying, for the hard times and good, because none of it is here to stay. I remember once hearing someone say, "You need to do _______ for 15 minutes? Just do it! You can do anything for 15 minutes!" I think of that in other situations, with the time frame varying. It's not necessarily true in any situation - you can't hold your breath for 15 minutes - but I just like the idea that everything you dread doing will eventually pass. As surely as my other trials have come and gone, so will the days that somehow seem endless.

And surely as the good things have all come to pass, always too quickly, so will the mornings of a daughter resting her head on my shoulder while we watch TV, with no hesitation whatsoever, as if to say, "Mommy, I'm so comfortable with you. You may as well just be a part of me."

It's a truly beautiful life, and I'm so lucky to live it, and to have this perspective now.

Because it really won't be like this for long.

I want to display this saying somewhere prominently in my home, but I haven't found "the perfect" way to do it yet. Any (P)interesting ideas? (seewhatIdidthere?)


  1. Great words (and I love that song, it makes me cry sometimes now that I have kids!). For an interesting idea, I think that song title broken up with a collage of pictures of your family would be pretty cool.