Monday, February 3, 2014

"I just wanted to go for a swim."

*I want one of those bowl boats!!

*How foreboding that “I want to make sure I’m making right decisions” on the week something obviously happens.

*I’m realizing most of these girls are younger than I am. Weird.

*“Going around the world with Juan Pablo - it’s kinda like where in the world is Carmen San Diego.” Except that you know where he is, the whole time.

*“In 20 years from now, I want to remember every single detail”….unless he dumps you. Then that’s a bummer. Maybe forget about that part.

*Anyone else’s TV showing a weird border during commercials with roses saying the bachelor will return?

*A nice tailor made Vietnamese dress? Cool! (I’m being serious, though it sounded sarcastic.)

**measuring her bust size* “86???” - Juan Pablo. Hahahahahaha. He’s definitely a man.

**shot of the sleeping puppy* It’s usually stray cats that they film - maybe this will be dog season?

*Is it just me or does chemistry seem to be lacking? I’m kinda distracted so I’m not as attuned but I hope it heats up tonight. He just doesn’t seem interested. And that would be sad.

*Renee reminds me of Jennifer Aniston

*I’ve decided that they eat on these 1-on-1s while the producers pull them out for interviews during dinner.

*“I want a one-on-one every day, twice on Sunday” lol

*Is it just me or did they not show much of this date iwht Renee? If it’s cut short because of Clare drama I’ll be mad!

*“Today we’re going to do traditional Vietnamese things.” -Juan Pablo. Like working in a sweatshop? What? Who said that??? 

*I’d be pissed if he was making out in front of me too

*It’s funny that they all think this is like, an impromptu visit to some random place to stop for dinner. “And they have the exact number of hats as there are girls! Weird!”

*I’m sad Andi’s so anxious, and then when she said she was nervous to relinquish control I remembered she was the lawyer.

*I think he just likes that Clareq puts out

*He took her to a suite and is going to just go swimming? Are you kidding me??

*SO not impressed with Juan Pablo right now.

*“I need to believe that he sees me as a panda in a room full of brown bears.” What?

*LOL Chris says, “The brown bears would rip that panda to pieces!” hahahaha

*This is the weirdest group date I’ve ever seen. Why is he spending so much 1-on-1 time with everyone? Does the way he’s doing it seem weird to everyone else?

*“You know, like, when a baby giraffe is born?” HAHA. Yep. See it all the time.

*OK they DID have sex in the ocean??? COME ON.

*I lost so much respect for him this episode.

*“Oh. That’s a…nice view.” In a high voice. Clearly not okay with it.

*Jeez. What is with Nikki and pooping her pants?

*Did JP just tell Nikki he didn’t sleep well last night?? Hmmm….

*Them riding up on the boat – it’s like Miss America

*Renee is obsessed with her first kiss

*Clare’s little toast – “Finding love, being loved, and making love.”

*“Sharleen - she’s totally different than everyone else.” Sharleen would love to hear that.

*How can JP be SO respectful of Renee and no kissing, but can have sex with Clare in the ocean? I don’t get it.

*…I was just going to ask if he just didn’t like her, but that kiss….he definitely is into her. That was romantic as heck.

*Here we go.

*JP and Clare's entire relationship is physical. 100%. That’s it.

*This whole conversation with JP and Clare is like a bad soap opera.

*“I just wanted to go on a swim in the ocean.” That’s why you went to his door at 4 in the morning. “Just a swim.”

*Do you think Chris Harrison has someone who writes his speeches for him? That'd be a sweet job.

*If I were on this show, I feel like I’d want to be in Danielle’s shoes. Just awesome enough to make it far enough to see some of the world, but not so close that you are emotionally involved and therefore, less likely to make a fool of yourself on national television.

*Crying to let people go? Yikes.

*Still mad that he had sex with Clare. “I don’t want to make mistakes.” Please.

*Why is Sharleen crying??

Well. I guess we’ll see if Clare - and apparently Sharleen - can get over themselves next week. I hope not. They can both go home.

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  1. I'm so over Claire's drama. I don't think they had sex but I don't know. In the preview she said we didn't do anything inappropriate which makes me think they didn't. Sharlene bugs me. The way she talks and seems to be obsessed with organic and inorganic things but not in the food sense. When the girls were checking out their suite almost all of them were wearing scarfs. Isn't it supposed to be hot. Renee makes me laugh with how obsessed she was with kisses him. Their kiss was romantic though. Nikki's comment about pooping her pants was funny. It's a nurse thing to talk about poop so much. :) I hope he ends up with Renee or Andi.