Monday, February 17, 2014


*"A shocking exit that leaves everyone blindsided!" Everyone except the viewers you've been teasingwith the trailers on this for weeks now

*Wow hometowns are already next week? That was fast

*Juan Pablo's chat with his friend reminds me of the time Brad brought on his therapist. Y'all remember that?

*"I just don't know if we have this....cerebral connection....that I need." -Sharleen. (Hereon: Shar)

*Shar likes intelligent, nerdy guys? Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty sure that's not Juan Pablo. At all.

*That iPhone pic of Juan Pablo and Shar on the boat highlights the overwhelming difference between your own work vs. lighting and perfect cameras.

*"Do I seem uptight?" -Shar "Today, not that tight. (LOL) But other days, very tight." -Juan Pablo

*"He's not my usual type, but I can;t deny that chemistry we have." -Shar. You mean you can have chemistry with someone who isn't your "type"? Shocking.

*"When we kiss, everything in my mind just disappears." -Shar. Her mind must be blank a lot 'cause pretty much all they do is make out.

*"I need to find a mental connection with him tonight." -Shar. If it ain't there yet honey, it ain't coming at all.

*They wouldn't be showing the clips of him saying she's getting a hometown if she wasn't leaving.

*"I wish I was dumber so I could just be like 'duurrrr...'" -Shar. Translated: "I'm too d*** smart."

*Wow, it's pretty bold of Juan Pablo to take Nikki to his daughter's recital.

*I think I missed something. Was the woman at the recital with the super done-up hair Juan Pablo's ex??

*Why is he staying in a hotel when they're in HIS hometown?

*Wow. For being so smitten with her, he's taking this breakup remarkably well.

*"These girls getting roses are the ones doubting. That means they're not here for the right reasons." -Clare. So is the right reason jumping into a relationship and having no doubts after two real dates with the guy?

*Group date: ....



*......That show Resurrection looks interesting.....


*Seriously. So bored during this date.

*"I'm not gonna sit here and be fake though. LOL." -Clare.

*That whole cocktail party was a waste of time. Did we seriously need a full minute of the two girls sitting there in silence? That's a LOT of time in TV world.

*"She peed on him first." No idea how that hasn't made ANY of the previews so far. They should have been showing us that from day one, making us wonder why women are peeing on Juan Pablo.

*If I were in control of editing, this show would be WAY better.

*It's not even about Juan Pablo anymore.

*Renee should at least be confident at every rose ceremony. If he wanted to send her home, he'd do it beforehand, I'd think.

*Chris didn't come to announce the final rose!! WTF BACHELOR WHY ARE YOU SCREWING WITH US?!?!?!?

*Maybe the standoff (sitoff?) between Clare and Nikki needed those 10 seconds instead.

*Ok - does anyone else remember the preview of a girl saying "He has emotional highs and lows, and that could be a problem." ???? Maybe it comes in the hometowns, I just thought I saw it happen within the house, but now they won't all be together anymore, so who knows.

*She shouldn't be the one consoling him when he's the one breaking up with her.

*I wonder if in the fantasy suites they all find out he slept with Clare? Is the jury still out on that? Either way, hopefully next week will be more worthwhile because I'm gonna be straight, that was a painfully wasted two hours that I will never get back, and I got a little downhearted when I saw that there will be two nights of this next week. Here's the thing, Bachelor producers. When you spend the whole show showcasing drama and making us watch them all make out, there's no investment in any actual relationship happening. Don't you profess to have this show in search of "true love?" We all know that's a bit silly,'re the Bachelor, but at least attempt to make it look like there are real relationships developing.

Alright. Am I right? Is everything just out of control weird and boring? Or am I just off sync with this...entire season?


  1. I'm bored a lot of the time. Clair's eyebrows are way too expressive for me. I know they were in Miami but it seemed like JP had a lot of back sweat going on all the time. I wish they would show more of Renee. She is so much more real than the others. I'm glad Shar left. She bugged me. She was like a robot. Never showed much excitement or any emotion really.

  2. I have noticed, esp in this episode, that Claire has a lot of head spasms whilst talking. I think she does this to have her locks "flow in the wind". very annoying.

    I also seem to remember someone yelling "Juan Pablo, I hope you die." but that was never shown either.

    I actually really liked Shar, I'm sad to see her go.

    I haven't decided if I am team Claire or team Nikki. I'm leaning more towards Nikki, but she is not my fav by far.

    I feel like Renee is awesome but I feel like she is too good for him. Next Bachelorette?

    I feel like they do not show Andi as much, the people getting a lot of air time is Claire and Nikki cause they are the most drama. I mean, Andi had a whole night with Juan, they didn't show them for more than 2-3 minutes, TOPS? but they showed an entire minute of Claire and Nikki NOT talking? smh

    It was odd that Nikki met his family. Does that mean that he is going to choose her just like how Emily chose Jef cause they saw their kid first?

    Maddison danced along with all the little girl's dancing, she was shaking her hips back and forth and was doing the hand moves. When the song was done, she would say, "Again?" and I would rewind it. She danced to it about 4 times-- so adorable.

    That show Resurrection DOES look interesting!!

    Back to Renee- I dont think that they end up together? She just seems a little out of his league? So why is she still there? He has always told her that he doesn't want to take anyone away from their child for longer than needed, but I just cant see them ending up together? so send her home! She needs to go see her son!

    I am extremely interested in what the frick happened with Andy in the fantasy suite?? This almost makes me want to cheat and go look up all the answers.... i know they are out there on the internet.... I WANT TO KNOW. But I don't. but I do....