Thursday, January 2, 2014

The scary first apartment

Well, we've officially been in our apartment for a week, and what a doozy it has been. Really, the whole month has been a little out of control, but we made it and are settling down here in Houston in our two bedroom apartment. I personally still can't believe we're here permanently. I'll be totally honest, it's really hard to consider that this is for real and we aren't going back to Utah. I miss it soooo much. But in order to distract myself from that sadness, I'll recap some of the more interesting things that have happened so far.

We found our apartment online about a month and a half ago and had our deposit down and everything. Not knowing much about the area, but knowing we needed a place ASAP, we got this one knowing it was close to the apartment of Chris' co-worker who also has a small family and seemed to like the area. We had been staying with Chris' sister in Fort Worth up until Christmas Day, so the morning after was Chris' first day at work. I dropped him off and then made my way to our new apartment to check in.

The managers were nice and explained everything, handed over my keys and Ariana and I made our way to the apartment. First of all - when we told people we were moving here, the reactions were always something about how blasted hot it gets and that there are cockroaches everywhere. (Thanks for all that uplifting support, BTW.) So we expected things to be muggy and buggy. So I get up to our apartment, after three of the longest weeks of my life, and it's on the third floor and I'm carrying Ariana and her pack n' play so that she can take a nap while I carry things from the car to the apartment. Did I mention it's on the third floor? We chose that specifically because it's cheaper and we don't mind living up high, but I'm not supposed to be lifting much anyway so I was pushing it pretty hard.

When we get up there and walk inside, my first impression was that it's kinda dark but about what I expected. I start walking around the rooms and suddenly, in the kitchen, I saw three roaches on the floor, though only one was alive. So I keep my eyes open a little wider and walk around more of the place. Sure enough, after I make my way through the whole apartment, I found not one, not two, but three DOZEN cockroaches out and about, some dead, some alive.

This was not ok. I was prepared to have to deal with bugs more than usual, but not at my first impression of our new place. I'd even have been ok waiting a while to get in so that management could clean up and spray for bugs before we brought things inside. (We knew they sprayed weekly for bugs before moving in, hence a lot of my surprise at seeing so many.) But I definitely expected them to take care of the situation.

To my surprise, they went above and beyond my expectations. I called the office and the manager sounded genuinely surprised that there were so many roaches inside. She put me on hold, and then came back and asked if it would be ok if they showed me a different apartment to live in, because having bugs in there was unacceptable and not something I should have to deal with. Score! Of course I said yes, and so the other manager came to show me two other places, both with slightly bigger floor plans and one with upgraded carpet and a couple other things that was on the first floor. Rent wouldn't change or anything, either. (Apparently, here, rent is decided by the floor you live on, square footage, length of lease, closeness to the clubhouse and complex amenities, among other things. It's pretty involved.)

So now we're in a bigger apartment on the first floor with better carpet and nicer appliances. The apartments still aren't what I expected - I don't need fancy things, but they are a little over-advertised. They boast to have all these upgrades, but you can tell the upgrades are done cheap and only for the most basic aesthetic purposes, not to really make the apartment a better place. It's not a huge deal, but something I would have taken into consideration had I had the opportunity to see the apartment in person firsthand. We've still seen a few cockroaches but it hasn't been awful, and we are definitely motivated to keep things clean because of that. And when we see them, we can call and have them come spray for us so it's not a huge issue.

So that's our first big story. Our apartment is alright, but I'll be honest, I want to get into a house ASAP. I've been looking online at listings nonstop, basically since we moved in. I want our own place, and I tell myself that if we're in a place I know I can't get out of, maybe it will feel more like home? Like I need to accept that we're here instead of being in denial. I don't know. We'll see.

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  1. Wow! I would die if I saw that many cockroaches! You are a brave woman and good for you to tell them! Moving is always hard, but it must be nice to know you are in a place for good. We still have no idea where we will end up. Oh life is so much fun! lol