Tuesday, January 28, 2014

South Korea's got Seoul

*Oooh we're going to South Korea? They didn't even prep us for our first big adventure! Wahoo!!

*I want to know what his wrist tattoo says.

*"Korea? I don't even have a kimono!"

*"I don't have to share a lot of things at home. Like my boyfriend." LOL Nikki is killing me.

*The producers really need to come up with some more creative questions. It's really boring to hear, season after season, "I was SO excited to see [this season's bachelor(ette)]!" "I hate having to share him/her." "I didn't know it was going to be this hard! [sobsobsob]." WE KNOW.

*"I kinda want to crap my pants." You better go before you go onstage then.

*Lezbehonest - the fans aren't there to watch a no-name American girl dance. They're at the show to watch their favorite group perform. It'll be ok.

*I just realized JP picked all the more fun loving girls for this date, but no one he's complimented on being classy or elegant or anything. On purpose?

*"The fans are all excited even though they don't know who we are!" Do you think, maybe, they know who the other Koreans on stage are?

*"I want this feeling to last for...forever." I want these girls to take relationship classes, or remember old relationships, and learn that the "honeymoon phase" lasts 18-24 months. Soooooooo that's going to be disappointing.

*Oh good. They're videoing him showering. What an awkward thing for that cameraman.

*Did he just say Sharleen is his favorite one right now? Yowza!

*"I'd be lying if I said right now that this is the man I love." THANK YOU. She can seem aloof, or even snobby, but she at least has her head on straight about all this.

*I wonder if Sharleen really said their conversations were dull? That's bad news bears.

*"He is more fun than expected." Maybe she changed her mind.

*"I don't want the early stages of any relationship have to do with the fact that I'm an opera singer." ....ok....You might be dating too many performance men.

*If she's worried about singing for him this early in the relationship, what about all the strangers she sings for while performing? I definitely don't mean to be critical on this, but I'm sincerely curious.

*Look at her! Being genuinely interested in him. How sweet. Most of the questions the girls ask seem forced but she seems like she's actually put a lot of thought into what she wants to know about him.

*"How many kids do you want?" -JP "Me?" -Sharleen. Well, you're on an one-on-one, sooooo......probably you, yes. Definitely means she doesn't want to answer.

*Is JP's heart breaking???

*I gotta say I'm surprised he gave her the rose after she basically admitted to not wanting kids. Does she know he has one already?

*"Where is Juan Pablo?" Wouldn't it be hilarious if a date was some giant game of Where's Waldo? "Where's Pablo?"

*Every time I see Kelly (Dog Lover) I think of a Barbie or a Bratz doll. She has those big, light eyes with darker skin and her features are just so prominent.

*Renee! GET IT!!!

*"AH! What is it??!!" I think it's...fish? BETTER RUN QUICK!!!

*Hahahaha fish pedicure?? That's a thing?! I want one!! (But I promise not to scream like a crazy when I stick my feet in the water.)

*I'm glad they changed from their day-casual outfits to night-casual outfits. I think that will make a big difference.

*He picked Renee first! Woohoo!

*She seems like the kind of girl that might need more one-on-one time to open up.

*Good for him for taking a step back. That's very respectable.

*"So you like to...pretend to dance...." hahahahha I like Andi's spunk.

*Hands at his sides while "dancing" with Lauren? Not interested.

*"Ok I'm going to be Clare and you be Juan Pablo." LOL Role playing.

*For him being impressed with a girl like Sharleen who has "monde," Clare's over-the-top pride at eating octopus is probably not that impressive to him.

*She told him she didn't want to kiss earlier and then acted like she was going to be all over him in front of the girls? Interesting....

**rolls eyes* at the kissing scene. Not AS respectable.

*"Aye aye aye" will he pick Andi? Nah, he probably says that all the time.

*He did pick her!

*Didn't he pick Renee first at the last rose ceremony too? She's totally getting a 1-on-1 next week.

*I really like Elise's dress - the green with gold underneath? That's cute.

*The walk of shame! They all just stand back and watch? Aca-awkward.

*YIKES. Next week! Any bets that Clare goes home? Kinda looks like it! Does she sneak in to his room and they sleep together? Probably not that far but I have so many thoughts running through my head!! What's going to happen??? Well I'm at least glad that Renee and Andi look like they're getting private dates. Those two seem great.


  1. I like Renee and Andi a lot! Clair and Nikki bug me. It's always the same drama. Booo! Elise's dress was gorgeous. I was also really surprised he gave Sharleen a rose.

  2. Sue I wish you and I could watch together. We are totally on the same page.