Thursday, January 16, 2014

Juan Pablo: Week 2

I know this is a few days late, but here were my thoughts while watching this week's Bachelor.

*They need to calm it down with all the intense music on the first date, or they aren't going to have anything left to play when he actually proposes.

*"This is the best first date I've ever been on." I bet of ABC funded my dates, they'd be the "best ever" too.

*"I'm hoping this is literally the tip of the iceberg." I know she thinks she was being clever, since their date was in the snow, snow is cold, icebergs are cold, yatta yatta, buuuuuuut still not a correct use for "literally." (Though let's cut her some slack, we've literally all been there :) )

*I wonder if the hippie will "forget" her bikini tops on the poolside group dates.

*I forgot why the dog was there until I saw it walking around the mansion and remembered a girl had brought it. If she can bring her puppy, could the single moms bring their kids? J/W

*Kat reminds me of Blake Lively.

*Wow. Putting the rose in front of thousands? There's no better guarantee that she would have gotten it.

*"I think it's either a photo shoot or eating cheese. I'm good at both, so....."

*Thanks Lucy for reminding us that your breasts are your only asset.

*Seriously? Just wear cardboard?

*I wondered how long it would take one of them to figure out to switch with Lucy.

*The girls he really likes he keeps complimenting as classy or elegant or something like that. I think he'll definitely end up with one of the more mature ones.

* LOL. Victoria.

*"I probably should apologize." "I'm mortified (sweet smile)." "I guess I could have acted a little more adult." LOL this girl kills me.

*Cassandra (Trey's mom) is for sure getting a 1-on-1 next week.

*I expected Amy L's exit to be way more emotional. Way to keep it classy, girlfriend!!

I miss having my girls to watch it with! It's not nearly as satisfying to giggle at silly girls by myself. Comment if you watched it and tell me what you thought!

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  1. HAHAHA I was dying the whole time with Victoria. I like this season so far because he's serious about it and very genuine. The was Clair talks drives me crazy. It takes her forever to say what she's saying. Kelly (the one with the dog) looks like Michael Jackson.