Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby day is tomorrow!

The difference between my last pregnancy and this pregnancy is that with Ariana, I was getting things set up a couple months in advance, even though I have the date I'm going to give birth basically from my first appointment. This pregnancy, we go to the hospital tomorrow morning, so today I thought, "Maybe I should pack a hospital bag. Oh, look! Newborn clothes! I should ask Chris to grab that box when he gets home from work so we can have an outfit for our baby."

So I guess by the end of today I should be prepared, at least with a hospital bag and some snacks. I have tried really hard not to remember how hard it is to have a newborn, and only focus on how squishy and tiny she will be. There are so many different factors at play, all over again - will she be gassy? Will my milk come in okay? Will she have to be in the NICU? And a million other tiny things that separate one newborn from the next. I'm sure some things will come along and I'll be shocked that I forgot it, but there's really no preparing for things that you don't know will happen or not.

So wish us luck! We are very excited and I bet Ariana will just love being an older sister.

(Oh and don't worry, with all this prep time, we still don't have a name.)

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