Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A pool cocktail party??

*I like Renee a lot. She's the classy one of the group.

*Cassandra: let's do some math. If you are 21, have a two year old, and are a former NBA dancer, how old were you when you were a dancer? How long was that your profession?

*How is "Dog Lover" an acceptable profession? Really, you couldn't come up with anything better?

*Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person my age who's lost a parent, and then I watch the Bachelor and don't feel special anymore :( They must select for these things.

*Yacht jumping already?? We usually don't get that treat until a couple months in! What a treat!

*Totally thought he wasn't going to give Cassandra a rose. Am I alone in this?

*LOL I just saw that the rating for this show is "L" for language. No sexuality? Really?

*I think when the girls go on group dates they forget the laws of probability. 10 girls:1 Rose = not everyone gets a rose.

*Interestingly, he gave it to the girl he connected with AND didn't kiss.

*"On a scale of 1-Terrified, my terrified meter is like, goin' off the charts."

*The upside down kiss was sweet, but the music totally ruined it for me. Way too much.

*"I think if we could jump off a bridge together, we could pretty much get through anything."

*"You never let a man see you without your face on." LOL good luck honey.

*Hey cameramen - I think I could do with less shots of the girls' breasts. You know it's primarily women who watch this show, right? We don't care to see all that.

*Any man who goes on the Bachelor has to have the patience of a god. Seriously.

*Are they going to stand at the rose ceremony in their swimsuits?

*Nope! Thank goodness.

*That's a lot of tears in the preview coming from a girl we haven't seen yet.

*Know who I want to see more of? Renee. But not in the consoling-the-other-girls setting anymore. Let's get her on a 1-on-1. She is awesome.

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