Friday, December 6, 2013

The goodbyes are starting

In anticipation of our move, I'm thinking more and more of all the things I'm going to miss about Provo. I have lived here for over 8 years now and called it home for at least 4 of those years (it takes a while to warm up to), and ever since it's been in sight that Chris will probably find a job elsewhere, I'd think about all the things I'd miss about this place as I'd run errands and just be around town. Now, I'm starting to think about all the people I still have to say goodbye to.

I had to say my first to my OBGYN this week. It wasn't emotional or anything, but we both knew it was our last visit so it was almost awkward - how do you say bye to someone with whom you only have a professional relationship, but has seen you through some of the most emotional times of your life? It may sound weird to count your doctor as a significant person to have to leave, but he is one of the first doctors I've had and stuck with for a long time. He saw me through the beginning of my first hell pregnancy, all the way through Ariana's, and now for this baby, and has done 3 surgeries on me. Altogether it's over a year and a half of seeing him about once a month. As I drove up to his office, which is connected to the hospital, I got nostalgic over giving birth to Ariana there, and sad that I'd be in a whole new, unfamiliar place with this baby. I felt bad leaving in the middle of a pregnancy, too, like I was betraying him, even though it's really not under my control.

See how weird all my emotions are? This is what happens when you leave home. You start to be thinking all crazy.

Anyway, I'm excited to end the school phase of everything, but if even a goodbye to a doctor is this thought-provoking...well, it's going to be a rough few weeks.

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