Monday, June 10, 2013

First big road trip

At the end of this week we're going back to my hometown to visit my sisters! I haven't been back home (Missouri) since our wedding almost 4 years ago, so I'm pretty excited. However, this will be our first big road trip with the babe, and I'm apprehensive. We make a stop halfway and drive 8-9 hours a day, so even broken up it will be a big drive. Any advice that's worked for any of you with big road trips?

Our ward started a dessert night and I'm excited about it. We always had dessert night in our single's wards, and I looked forward to every Sunday night to mingle and get to know people better, and especially to flirt with all the boys I had crushes on. ;)  NOW, I get to flirt with my favorite boy every time with no worries of competition or rejection, and eat all the dessert I want! I'm also excited to get to know people in my ward better and just hang out with friends. I'd say it's working out pretty well. Have I mentioned my love for food?

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  1. That is exciting that you are able to go back to Missouri! That will be fun! As far as advice on driving with totally depends how old the kids are. My almost 3 year old just needs crayons, coloring book, and books and we are set. My 8 month old is a little tricky because I have to nurse him. I have a bag of toys for him and bring out new one every time he gets fussy. I also am sitting in the back of the car in between them for most of the trip. I hope it goes well for you! Oh and with any trip we have been on they always both cry the last 30 minutes to an hour no matter what. They give up being good and turn into little devils! Good luck!!!