Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Great Divorce 3

In this scene, a mother Ghost and her brother Spirit are talking about the passing of the mother's son, Michael, when he was just a boy. The mother is bitter that God took Michael away, and is focused solely on seeing him again. Her brother argues that she needs to come to love God before she can see her son again, or coming to Heaven will have been in vain. She must understand that God has also waited and suffered to see His children, and that He loves them.

Mother: If He loved me He'd let me see my boy. If He loved why did He take Michael away from me? I wasn't going to say anything about that. But it's pretty hard to forgive, you know.
Brother: But He had to take Michael away. Partly for Michael's sake...
Mother: I'm sure I did my best to make Michael happy. I gave up my whole life...
Brother: Human beings can't make one another really happy for long. And secondly, for your sake. He wanted your merely instinctive love for your child (tigresses share that, you know!) to turn into something better. He wanted you to love Michael as He understands love. You cannot love a fellow creature fully till you love God.

They continue on arguing, the mother fierce in her defense of her love for her son, while her brother tries to help her see that hey love would have turned sour because she never loved him as God loves us. It was uncontrolled. Isn't that interesting, that love, with all good intentions, can be uncontrolled and completely ruin the relationship? Yet again, we need to use our passions within the bounds the Lord sets.

Mother then says that the past was all she had, and the brother argues that it was all she chose to have. This part stuck out to me because I've seen it in myself, and definitely seen it in others around me. When the past is so good, what possible joy could the present bring? Nothing could compare, therefore we live as life once was. It's incredibly depressing.

Mother: Oh, of course, I'm wrong. Everything I say or do is wrong, according to you.
"But of course!" said the Spirit, shining with love and mirth so that my eyes were dazzled. "That's what we all find when we reach this country. We've all been wrong! That's the great joke. There's no need to go on pretending one was right! After that we being living."

At first, this part made me sad because I have a lot of pride. Am I wrong? (Obviously.) How am I wrong? (Probably in every way.) And yet, this Spirit is so full of joy with what he has come to know, that his past wrong knowledge doesn't even matter. He is so happy that he has found peace that it doesn't bother him that it wasn't his way. Will I have the courage and humility to accept that when the time comes?

Thinking about it more, I like it because it gives me hope - God doesn't care that I've been wrong, he cares that I accept His truth when I learn it. I can live with that.

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