Saturday, August 25, 2012

I don't always brag about my husband

....but when I do it's because he's super cute.

Our vacuum was regifted to us by Chris's mother early in our marriage, who had used it for her cleaning business (so daily or weekly for a few years). It's had some wear and tear. Finally, it's to the point where we can no longer use it and still feel good about our apartment's cleanliness.

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
Yep. They are moving here. So lucky.
Well, today we picked up some luggage on sale for my oldest brother (whose family is moving to St. Croix, Virgin Islands, lucky sons of.....) at a liquidation store I JUST realized existed, and we chanced upon some smashing deals on vacuums! It was quite timely, and we decided to buy one that was brand new for a really great price. That, plus a couple Redboxes on our way home, and we were ready to relax for the afternoon.

I was, anyway; Chris was ready to use our new purchase. Not the movies - the vacuum!

No, seriously, the boy set up and used the vacuum for the next 45 minutes. He was SO excited about it! We had vacuumed the house yesterday, and he went through it again, roughly, and somehow it picked up like a cup and a half of dust. Chris couldn't get over how well it worked and tried out all the attachments and everything. He even took off the grate over the air vent and vacuumed off the filter. He was so excited! Like Andy with Buzz Lightyear!

To Infinity - And All The Corners
Of The Apartment!

*Chris would like it known that he did all this in a manly fashion. "His muscles rippled as he controlled the vacuum with the strength and ease of a bodybuilder....directing traffic...." Well, obviously.

How many wives can say their husbands love their new vacuum?

I find it really funny, and also endearing. :)


  1. I seriously laughed out loud after reading your "description" of Chris vacuuming. hahahha

  2. Awesome story!!!! I wish Ben would get that excited about cleaning :-)