Monday, July 16, 2012

What a boring episode

Bet I hooked you with that title, didn't I?? :)

I forget why I watch the Men Tell All. All it is is fighting over the same things they've already fought about and flashbacks to the show. Ummmm, nobody who's watching this episode doesn't already know what happened this season. Come on guys. Stop wasting our time.

I think it's just to tide us over 'cause I'm gonna lose my mind waiting for Sunday.

But if you now choose, I'll waste your time with my few comments. You may leave now. I won't be offended.

*Emily's dress on her date with Joe WAS gorgeous. For reals.

*Bachelor Pad - first of all, Blakely, if you need to put food in your fridge, why are you wasting time on a TV show instead of working at a full time job? Do they get paid to be on Bachelor Pad?

*Tony - WTF are you doing away from your son again? Remember how you almost died from separation anxiety on Bachelorette? I don't get it.

*Chris, I have lost all the shred of respect I have for you. You are being an ass.

*Back to MTA - Poor Stevie still doesn't know he has a bush growing on his chin.

*If this is all recaps, I'm gonna lose my mind.

*Nice pink pants, Wolf. (I really do kinda like them.)

*OK, I like Ryan, and I know I might get flack for that, but I do. I think he needs to watch his mouth a little more and realize when his comments are not being appreciated, but I think he does have good intentions and is just rough around the edges in a different way. I like his honesty, 'cause what you see is what you get - and I mostly like that if you don't like him, he's like, "That's cool. We're cool."

*How are Kalon and Chris BFFs?? And Emotional Tony?!?

*Oooooh, they're all on Bach Pad together. Got it.

*WE ALREADY KNOW ALL THIS. Why am I watching this?

*Oh, Sean's coming on soon. That's why.

*Haha but Ryan's lack-of-facial-hair-notches around his mouth make him kinda look like a vampire. What?

*"If you're constantly evaluated for 6-7 weeks on everything you say, you're bound to say some things that don't go over well." -Ryan. He's absolutely right. If you're human, anyway. Sean's pretty immune though. I don't think he said anything that was rude or attacking.

*Chris's sad monologue is doing nothing for me. I have no respect for him. Especially after that Bach Pad preview.

*I'd LOVE to see Sean as the next Bachelor. He's so sweet, plus I'd love to see more of his personality.

*I agree with Sean's mom about heartbreak. It's healthy to experience that at least once, I think.

*Now he'll be even more compassionate, 'cause he wasn't perfect enough.

*There is so much respect between Emily and Sean. They both have so much class.

*"What girl wouldn't want Sean?" -Emily. ["...Except me."] It's like talking about her brother, she's all supportive.

*"I could be engaged to Kalon, and thank God for Doug." -Emily. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

*I hate how Chris Harrison talks about the end of the season like he's all curious about what's going to happen. Please. You were there!! Stop being so smug.

*"My first kiss with Arie gave me the chills." -Emily. Girl, it gave everyone the chills!

GUYS! Who does she choose? What do you think?!?!

Maybe neither, and that's why the ATFR is live? So one of them can propose?

I'm sure I'm wrong I just need something to hold on to.

(In case you hadn't noticed, I don't read spoilers and I'm not interested in hearing any. I read them during Brad's season and they were wrong, and it ruined it for me because I couldn't be objective anymore, plus...they were wrong. It's more fun just to experience it.)

(I know I sound ridiculous.)


  1. You don't sound ridiculous at all. I hate all the recaps too. Chris is a tool and I never liked him, He has weird mannerisms when he talks. Sean is a stud and I would totally love him as the next bachelor. Ryan is a doofus. But in a really funny way. I'm glad he can just laugh at himself. Him and Chris Harrison should totally make T-shirts together. Emily dress on the date with Joe was gorgeous and she looked freaking smoking on MTA. I love how Tony was looking at the floor when Kalon said they were now friends. hahaha I can't believe what Kalon twitted about the baggage thing. He has no class at all. I was dying laughing when she was thanking Doug for telling her about Kalon. I think your theory about the finale and ATFR could totally happen.

  2. ...i like ryan too. in that way where if we were friends, he'd crack me up all day long, but I'd always be trying to tell him that his wife isn't a trophy...