Monday, July 23, 2012

The Words I Couldn't Say....But Lydia Can

Ever since I stumbled across the Rants From Mommyland blog, I connected with it immediately. It's strange because it's all about motherhood and I'm barely pregnant now, much less when I found it, but I love their style, sense of humor, and good-natured self-deprecation. And I just agree with pretty much everything they say.

This story is no different. Have you heard of the girl who got raped at a party? Her attackers posted photos and then got away pretty dang easily, probably because they plead (pled? past tense) guilty. She, in turn, posted their names on Twitter and is facing possible jail time, because she was not allowed to discuss the case because it involved minors. The rapists are upset because now people know who they are.

Well, guess what, shitheads? You raped a teenage girl, someone you knew, and bragged about it. And now you're pissed that you got called out?

I can't go on, because I will offend with my language. I just wanted to post the link to what RFM had to say. It's perfect.

I just feel that if she was brave enough to stand up to them with the possibility of legal action, she deserves to know she's not alone. I totally agree with what she did, even if it was done out of anger. I would have done the same. It was incredibly brave for her to speak up.

You go, Savannah Deitrich!

EDIT: I just read that the attackers dropped the charges of contempt. Halle-freaking-lujah.

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