Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Talk about a baby!

These were a couple conversations I had with Chris about....well, our baby. I thought they were pretty funny. (I was about 3 months along when these happened.)

Me: "I hope our next pregnancy is like, quintuplets, so that we can just get this 'having kids' thing over with."
Chris: "Ugh. Not with this uterus."

(If you're just joining us, I had a surgery last June where they removed 1/4 of my uterus. You can read about it here or potential complications here.)


Me: What if I have to have a hysterectomy with this baby?
Chris: Then our next baby is going to be as athletic as we can find!

....he's a tiny bit racist (not truly, he kids), but I thought it was pretty funny.


  1. lol I especially love the "then he'll be as athletic as we can find" part.

  2. LOL @ your husband..

    When are you due, darlin'? I am so happy for you guys! :D

  3. Thanks Shannon! I'm due mid-November, but she has to come early because of my surgery so it'll be around Halloween. Oh, it's a girl! Someone pointed out that I hadn't posted that tidbit yet, haha. Oops