Monday, July 9, 2012

It's so hard for us! Who will she choose?!

*"I can't imagine life without you." -Sean. Sucks to be you. ('Cause I think he's the one going home.)

*How does she even cry pretty?

*Jeez how could they all NOT fall in love with her? She's freakin' perfect.

*I think the reason Sean gets awkward and isn't all suave is because he hasn't had many serious relationships.

*She is tearing up about Arie.

*Ok. We know this is a hard decision. Let's see the dates.

*Really? The writing in the sand?

*Sean doesn't have his arm around her in the helicopter! Come on! You're looking at romantic things, and you say you care about her - touch the woman!

*Sean is really growing on me. (Despite my last comment. And his weird sense of humor.)

*They are making too big a deal of the "L" word. I get that she wants security, but really? They've been on like 5 dates total. Let's recognize that Sean may be the only guy acting the way someone actually would in a normal relationship.

*Proud of you, Emily, for kicking out Sean and being a good example. (We know Ryan's proud of you.)

*She obviously has a connection with Sean, but she's so much more relaxed with Jef (and Arie).

*Why hasn't someone given her a ponytail holder?

*Jef has multiple swimsuits too!

*I want Emily to make a toast.

*If Jef isn't meaning to be strategic, he's still doing a good job of making her think about these questions with the other guys.

*Is he the first to reject the Fantasy Suite???

*"It's time for us to bridle our passions." -Jef. Mormon, anyone?

*I think Arie has everything on paper, but I feel like for the past few weeks, he hasn't really been trying that hard to prove himself. Like, he's too cocky in his position that he's kinda given up.

*I can't wait for the Bachelor/ette who can't swim. What will they ever do on their islands?

*Where is Arie's depth? We haven't seen them have many serious conversations, so when he's talking "love of his life," how does he back that up?

*I wonder how Emily's taking this, "Be your child's buddy" thing. Arie has been in that situation before, but maybe Emily has a different take on it. Really I just wonder if I'd want my child's future step-dad to be a friend first or be a good role model and a strong figure. (Thoughts, Bonnie L?)

*Emily's rose ceremony outfit makes her look like a mermaid.

*These videos are definitely going to make her decision easier.

*This ceremony might be the first where Jef is the most dressed up.

*Well I did have my doubts during this episode but ultimately it's no surprise that Sean went home. I doubted a bit after seeing her with Arie, and that she's kinda recognizing that their relationship is mostly physical, but it's like she wants to give him more of a chance.

And I definitely don't want to wait two weeks for the finale!!!! AHH!!!!


  1. I just about dies laughing when Jef said "we have to bridal our passions." LOL I really like Jef and I think she does too. They seem to have way more depth than her and Arie. I think her and Arie are just lusting for each other. I thought it was funny she didn't even give him the card.

  2. I wouldn't want my son's step dad to be a friend first, parents aren't friends first. They are parents, that means role models and support systems, and examples. I think of some of my friends they would make horrible parents. I would want them to be loving, kind and be objectionable, I want them to give support and guidance, they can become friends later, when my child has figured out who he is, and where he is going. That is what I love about Derek, he knows that he isn't Davids favorite, but he also knows he is a role model to him, and wants him to learn responsibility. With a daughter I would be extra careful about any step parent, because he will be forming what she looks for in a relationship in the future, so if you want to keep her off the pole, you gotta get a good guy. A parent, not a buddy. Especially when her father has passed away. But that is just my opinion.

  3. Bonnie - that's what I thought, too! I feel like it would be WAY harder to transition from friend to parent/role model than it would be to go from role model to friend. That can develop naturally, but if you start as her daughter's BFF, she's going to resent you when you start disciplining (spell check's not correcting that but it looks weird) her. I would think.