Monday, July 2, 2012

Can we fast forward?

I mean this is alright, but we know what's going to happen. But we'll *suffer through* watching more of the fabulous Emily, Jef and Arie show.

*Awww cute welcome home sign.

*Your connection with Chris was strong in the beginning?

*What's with the dramatic music as she's walking upstairs in her pjs?

*There's the obscure scale! "On a scale of one to Polish..." -Chris

*"I don't like that unsure feeling." -Chris. So it means he's going to be insecure during your entire relationship, especially if he had gotten picked (no spoiler, I just don't think she picks him) and watched this and all her "amazing connections" with everyone else.

*She does have a good eye for the good personality traits.

*"I don't want to see Chris get heartbroken." -Chris's dad. Waaayyyy too late for that not being an option.

*How do they say they could see their life together when they haven't seen any of their real life? I don't know, it seems like there will be a real reality check.

*"Sensing some love," is completely different from, "She's falling in love with you."

*His ranch is a few hundred acres???

*I love them together.

*Hahaha I love when she brings in her sense of humor. Gun lessons? LOLz

*I am ready for the commentary to be done with.

*Steve is SO Mormon. "Is your life built on sound principles?"

*I love that other people put her through the ringer. I love that she can dish it AND take it.

*Could Emily uproot? Please bless that she moves to Utah and we can be neighbors.

*They made this convo between Jef and Steve sound so much dramatic than it actually was. Typical.

*Rebekah and I were BOTH tearing up during Jef's letter! AHHHHHHH

*It's good that Arie's being honest but let's not make her more nervous by telling her YOU'RE nervous.

*She snazzed up for him. Geez.

*When will people learn that you don't speak in other languages when everyone doesn't speak it?

*Good for you Arie for breaking the tension!

*I can't tell if his mom is drunk or her accent is just so loose.

*"These are my little girls." -Sean. He has kids too! (It was really about his dogs.)

*"It's a simple life..." -Sean. We'll be the judge of that when we see your house.

*"Let's leave the camera crew to pick up our picnic basket." -Sean and Emily.

*Ummm, simple life my butt! Your granddaughter has a playhouse in your backyard!

*".....I still live here." -Sean. :O Emily's face.

*His room is messy.

*"I wish my mom would have picked up a little bit." -Sean. You lose.

*This is a joke.

*This IS a joke!!! Ooooh you sneak!!!!

*That was awkward. Not a good joke.

*....But it is entertaining to think of his mom decorating that room, eating half a cookie, leaving out a glass of milk....hahaha

*If he doesn't open up with his parents, he's not going to open up with his wife as much as Emily wants him to. That's a (light)(ish) red flag as far as Emily's concerned.

*Well Emily's southern accent will fit in nicely with his family.

*Why is it still light outside?

*Are they going to make us watch another of their kisses?

*I hope Chris H. asks what all the boys what they told her at the end of the dates.

*Jef's letter was better than Ryan's 12 page??? Imagine that.

*They even decorate with candles on the patio? Wow guys. They don't miss anything.

*Emily wasn't THAT emotional about letting them go, she just feels bad for the humiliation Chris is going to feel with his family.

**Awkward silence on the bench.*

*"I'm shocked." -Chris. Ryan?? Is that you???

*"Was it me? What was it?? Is there an explanation?!" -Chris. Um, the explanation is you're on the Bachelorette.

*"How much faster could it possibly move?" -Chris. Seriously???

*"I told you I LOVED you!" -Chris. Well obviously you should have stayed.

*"I thought she loved me back." -Chris. Your dad effed up the whole thing!!

*"I'm ten times the man all those ^$&%!(* dudes are." -Chris. Seriously?????

Oh man. I do love this show.

What do y'all think? Does Sean have a chance? Am I just being closed-minded? I think it's been between Jef and Arie for like 6 weeks, but Rebekah thinks only two weeks. Your thoughts?


  1. I don't think Sean has a chance... their kisses are awkward and not passionate like Emily's kisses with Jef and Arie. You can tell Emily is comfortable with Jef and Arie because she is so silly around them. But around Sean I think she is a little more stiff. I don't know... I'm cheering for Jef!!!

  2. I was totally tearing up too!
    Seriously, she looked like she was wearing more makeup than she usually does when she visited Arie.
    I thought it was rude of Arie's family to just speak in Dutch without anyone translating.
    I was dying when Seas brought her to his room. How awful! Then to have it be a joke. Well played. Well played!
    Awkward tongue kiss at the end Sean, Gross!
    I think it's been Jef and Arie for a while but it was her friends that threw Sean in the mixer.