Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics! Wahoo!

Yay London 2012! This is the first time I've ever been really into watching the Olympics. I've always had an attraction to the artsy Opening Ceremonies, but in high school, I was too busy sleeping or something to watch events, and in college I was too social and flighty to focus on what was on and when.

This year, I still don't know what's necessarily on at what time, but I know that primetime = 4 hours of Chris and I (and sometimes friends) on the couch, watching the best of the best strut their stuff. How did I never get into this before?!? This stuff is golden!

I think part of the greatness is hearing what the commentators have to say.

Did y'all see when Larson on the USA Women's swim team jumped into the water too soon because the sound malfunctioned? First of all, what an awesome mistake to make, but also, how did nobody else jump in when the buzzer went off? That was tricky. But the commentator said, "It looks like she might have jumped in a little early."

Oh, is that so? She "might have?" LOLz! I was laughing about her incident (not AT her; it very well could have happened to anyone. Indeed, why didn't it happen to more of them?), but really - I mean, nobody's going to remember her for winning the silver*, but THAT, she'll go down for.

A not favorite moment: Japanese Men's Gymnastics vying - and winning - silver as a team. Really, you can file a protest for a score? Seriously?! Come on, Olympic Committee. Who thought that would be a good idea? Plus, you have to pay to do it. Soooo all the rich countries have no issues, but the poor ones are OUT. That's too bad. I say let it stand what the judges originally said.

Well anyway. I'm sure I'll have more to say as the next two weeks go on. I'm excited to keep watching!

*I guess I was wrong, and she didn't win the silver. But then that ruined my post, so, now, you're informed, and I still sound cool.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Words I Couldn't Say....But Lydia Can

Ever since I stumbled across the Rants From Mommyland blog, I connected with it immediately. It's strange because it's all about motherhood and I'm barely pregnant now, much less when I found it, but I love their style, sense of humor, and good-natured self-deprecation. And I just agree with pretty much everything they say.

This story is no different. Have you heard of the girl who got raped at a party? Her attackers posted photos and then got away pretty dang easily, probably because they plead (pled? past tense) guilty. She, in turn, posted their names on Twitter and is facing possible jail time, because she was not allowed to discuss the case because it involved minors. The rapists are upset because now people know who they are.

Well, guess what, shitheads? You raped a teenage girl, someone you knew, and bragged about it. And now you're pissed that you got called out?

I can't go on, because I will offend with my language. I just wanted to post the link to what RFM had to say. It's perfect.

I just feel that if she was brave enough to stand up to them with the possibility of legal action, she deserves to know she's not alone. I totally agree with what she did, even if it was done out of anger. I would have done the same. It was incredibly brave for her to speak up.

You go, Savannah Deitrich!

EDIT: I just read that the attackers dropped the charges of contempt. Halle-freaking-lujah.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spoiler Alert!

I'm dying of anticipation. I can't handle this!!!

What I think - She doesn't pick wither of them during the episode and things all end in the After The Final Rose. I think this because she is obviously still indecisive with both of them, but there are also no shots of anyone walking up to propose, and that has been a must have of the previous seasons. I'm just saying.

What I hope - she and Jef and Ricki live happily ever after. The end.

*I love that the first teaser is Emily saying, "Are you nervous?" YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

*She's the only person I believe when she's like, "I actually want this to work."

*STOP IT with the dramatic music! Especially with Jef!

*Speaking of Ricki - where IS she while Jef is here? Sequestered in an upstairs bedroom?

*"She's more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. And she's a beautiful girl." -Emily's mom. Truth.

*Seriously? He's her brother? They look NOTHING alike.

*I don't like that Jef went first. I want Arie to have gone first, and they're like, "Arie was great, but Jef is everything she wants."

*How she's saying that she wants them to give Arie a fair chance "'cause he deserves it more than anybody" is very telling.

*No gift, Arie?

*Wow! Dad loves Jef!

*I know this is a personal thing, but I don't get how you can live with a woman and love her and not be ready for marriage?

*I don't want to hear the audience laughing. This is weird.

*In case you haven't met Emily, you can tell her whatever you think but you won't ever tell her "what to do." Come on, brother.

*Can dad give his blessing to two different men?

*Does that seem awkward to anyone else?

*It seems like he's so cocky. I don't like it. Rebekah thinks that he's just got a different upbringing.

*Of course it's hard for them to pick one. They met them both for less than a day when they had time to be practicing answers.

*"I don't believe you can love two people at once." -Emily's dad. I disagree.

*Why don't they run to each other? I just have so much built up emotion! Don't they?!?!

*"What are you stressed about?" -Jef. Hmm.....

*Jef talking about Ricki is sooooooooooooooo sweet!

*I like that is questions are hard but insightful and not accusatory.

*SHUT UP. She's gonna let him meet her?

*When she said, "Let's just do it today," my mind went immediately to the gutter. What?? Haha I knew that's not what she meant but my mind is just in the gutter.

*That conversation was so natural. The silences weren't awkward, they were insightful and thoughtful.

*I like that she's nervous that Ricki might not like Jef. It shows he means so much to her, when so much of what she says seems to point to Arie.

*Ricki's got good swimming form for a 6-year-old!

*I love him with Ricki!

*Jef with pink goggles!! Hahahahaha!

*So, mine and Chris's baby is a girl, and I've ALWAYS wanted a boy first, but watching them with Ricki, it makes me excited to have a little girl. She's so sweet.

*Our TV spazzed for a second and all four of us about LOST our MINDS!! It was maybe half a second - we couldn't handle it.

*What does Jef's forearm tattoo say?

*Did Jef get a haircut since pool time?

*"Should we go back up? I miss the guys." -Jef. He's hilarious.

*Thank you. Thank you. Thank you? Thank you. Thank you.


*Aw, a book about Curacao.

*Stick figure Jef and Emily!!!

*If she doesn't pick Jef, she's f***ing lost her mind. (From my perspective, seeing 10% of their relationship.)

*She's wearing her talks-to-Chris-Harrison outfi- She's going to break up with Arie?!?!!?

*Oh my gosh.

*My heart is FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!

*Oh no. Ok so she picks Jef - so far - but if this is an "emotional" ending with surprises, then does Arie come back?!??!

*Arie's gonna be pissed if he doesn't get a chance with Ricki.

*I'm so happy. I'm soooooooooooooo happy!!


*This cut with Arie is really mean to include.

*He's going to know right off the bat, she does NOT hide her emotions well.

*That was so hard to watch. He handled it soooo well. He really wanted to get out of there but he still was respectful and kind to her. Shows a lot of man to control himself like that.

*Emily pondering over the mossy, muddy stream...what?

*I DON'T care about the audience.

*That was the most pointless in-between-commercials I've ever seen.

*I got all excited that she was writing Jef a letter. Turns out it's her journal.

*Have I mentioned how happy I am!??!?!

*I'm surprised they didn't show any teasers of her standing there, waiting for the man.

*I love that his proposal isn't over the top. It's so natural, and easy going - just like they are.

*She's sneaky! Of course she said yes!!!

*The 80's music!! I can't handle the cuteness.

*She's incredibly smart to have not read the journal - for Arie's sake, but most especially for Jef's, and for her own sanity. When she and Jef have hard times, it would have been so easy for her to look back on those "perfect" memories with Arie and wonder if things would have been different.

*It says a lot about the kind of men Jef and Arie are that they can still be good friends.

*I love how chill and relaxed she looks with him - not like with Brad, she was so proper.

*I like that "gorgeous" wasn't the first thing he says - he respects so much about her.

*"She is very quickly becoming my universe as well." -Jef. Of all the cute things he's said, that one melted my heart most. I'M falling in love with Ricki!

*I love their relationship because it reminds me of mine with my husband.

*I love watching the inset of Jef and Emily watching the proposal.

*Haha Curacao to Africa.

*Charleston - the wedding will be where Jef's parents are 'cause they can't leave. That's sweet!

*Awwwww, Jef's moving to Charlotte? I guess that's good, I won't be tempted to stalk them.

I'm so content, I have nothing more to say. Yay for Jef and Emily! And love! And happiness!

Monday, July 16, 2012

What a boring episode

Bet I hooked you with that title, didn't I?? :)

I forget why I watch the Men Tell All. All it is is fighting over the same things they've already fought about and flashbacks to the show. Ummmm, nobody who's watching this episode doesn't already know what happened this season. Come on guys. Stop wasting our time.

I think it's just to tide us over 'cause I'm gonna lose my mind waiting for Sunday.

But if you now choose, I'll waste your time with my few comments. You may leave now. I won't be offended.

*Emily's dress on her date with Joe WAS gorgeous. For reals.

*Bachelor Pad - first of all, Blakely, if you need to put food in your fridge, why are you wasting time on a TV show instead of working at a full time job? Do they get paid to be on Bachelor Pad?

*Tony - WTF are you doing away from your son again? Remember how you almost died from separation anxiety on Bachelorette? I don't get it.

*Chris, I have lost all the shred of respect I have for you. You are being an ass.

*Back to MTA - Poor Stevie still doesn't know he has a bush growing on his chin.

*If this is all recaps, I'm gonna lose my mind.

*Nice pink pants, Wolf. (I really do kinda like them.)

*OK, I like Ryan, and I know I might get flack for that, but I do. I think he needs to watch his mouth a little more and realize when his comments are not being appreciated, but I think he does have good intentions and is just rough around the edges in a different way. I like his honesty, 'cause what you see is what you get - and I mostly like that if you don't like him, he's like, "That's cool. We're cool."

*How are Kalon and Chris BFFs?? And Emotional Tony?!?

*Oooooh, they're all on Bach Pad together. Got it.

*WE ALREADY KNOW ALL THIS. Why am I watching this?

*Oh, Sean's coming on soon. That's why.

*Haha but Ryan's lack-of-facial-hair-notches around his mouth make him kinda look like a vampire. What?

*"If you're constantly evaluated for 6-7 weeks on everything you say, you're bound to say some things that don't go over well." -Ryan. He's absolutely right. If you're human, anyway. Sean's pretty immune though. I don't think he said anything that was rude or attacking.

*Chris's sad monologue is doing nothing for me. I have no respect for him. Especially after that Bach Pad preview.

*I'd LOVE to see Sean as the next Bachelor. He's so sweet, plus I'd love to see more of his personality.

*I agree with Sean's mom about heartbreak. It's healthy to experience that at least once, I think.

*Now he'll be even more compassionate, 'cause he wasn't perfect enough.

*There is so much respect between Emily and Sean. They both have so much class.

*"What girl wouldn't want Sean?" -Emily. ["...Except me."] It's like talking about her brother, she's all supportive.

*"I could be engaged to Kalon, and thank God for Doug." -Emily. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

*I hate how Chris Harrison talks about the end of the season like he's all curious about what's going to happen. Please. You were there!! Stop being so smug.

*"My first kiss with Arie gave me the chills." -Emily. Girl, it gave everyone the chills!

GUYS! Who does she choose? What do you think?!?!

Maybe neither, and that's why the ATFR is live? So one of them can propose?

I'm sure I'm wrong I just need something to hold on to.

(In case you hadn't noticed, I don't read spoilers and I'm not interested in hearing any. I read them during Brad's season and they were wrong, and it ruined it for me because I couldn't be objective anymore, plus...they were wrong. It's more fun just to experience it.)

(I know I sound ridiculous.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Talk about a baby!

These were a couple conversations I had with Chris about....well, our baby. I thought they were pretty funny. (I was about 3 months along when these happened.)

Me: "I hope our next pregnancy is like, quintuplets, so that we can just get this 'having kids' thing over with."
Chris: "Ugh. Not with this uterus."

(If you're just joining us, I had a surgery last June where they removed 1/4 of my uterus. You can read about it here or potential complications here.)


Me: What if I have to have a hysterectomy with this baby?
Chris: Then our next baby is going to be as athletic as we can find!

....he's a tiny bit racist (not truly, he kids), but I thought it was pretty funny.

Monday, July 9, 2012

It's so hard for us! Who will she choose?!

*"I can't imagine life without you." -Sean. Sucks to be you. ('Cause I think he's the one going home.)

*How does she even cry pretty?

*Jeez how could they all NOT fall in love with her? She's freakin' perfect.

*I think the reason Sean gets awkward and isn't all suave is because he hasn't had many serious relationships.

*She is tearing up about Arie.

*Ok. We know this is a hard decision. Let's see the dates.

*Really? The writing in the sand?

*Sean doesn't have his arm around her in the helicopter! Come on! You're looking at romantic things, and you say you care about her - touch the woman!

*Sean is really growing on me. (Despite my last comment. And his weird sense of humor.)

*They are making too big a deal of the "L" word. I get that she wants security, but really? They've been on like 5 dates total. Let's recognize that Sean may be the only guy acting the way someone actually would in a normal relationship.

*Proud of you, Emily, for kicking out Sean and being a good example. (We know Ryan's proud of you.)

*She obviously has a connection with Sean, but she's so much more relaxed with Jef (and Arie).

*Why hasn't someone given her a ponytail holder?

*Jef has multiple swimsuits too!

*I want Emily to make a toast.

*If Jef isn't meaning to be strategic, he's still doing a good job of making her think about these questions with the other guys.

*Is he the first to reject the Fantasy Suite???

*"It's time for us to bridle our passions." -Jef. Mormon, anyone?

*I think Arie has everything on paper, but I feel like for the past few weeks, he hasn't really been trying that hard to prove himself. Like, he's too cocky in his position that he's kinda given up.

*I can't wait for the Bachelor/ette who can't swim. What will they ever do on their islands?

*Where is Arie's depth? We haven't seen them have many serious conversations, so when he's talking "love of his life," how does he back that up?

*I wonder how Emily's taking this, "Be your child's buddy" thing. Arie has been in that situation before, but maybe Emily has a different take on it. Really I just wonder if I'd want my child's future step-dad to be a friend first or be a good role model and a strong figure. (Thoughts, Bonnie L?)

*Emily's rose ceremony outfit makes her look like a mermaid.

*These videos are definitely going to make her decision easier.

*This ceremony might be the first where Jef is the most dressed up.

*Well I did have my doubts during this episode but ultimately it's no surprise that Sean went home. I doubted a bit after seeing her with Arie, and that she's kinda recognizing that their relationship is mostly physical, but it's like she wants to give him more of a chance.

And I definitely don't want to wait two weeks for the finale!!!! AHH!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Can we fast forward?

I mean this is alright, but we know what's going to happen. But we'll *suffer through* watching more of the fabulous Emily, Jef and Arie show.

*Awww cute welcome home sign.

*Your connection with Chris was strong in the beginning?

*What's with the dramatic music as she's walking upstairs in her pjs?

*There's the obscure scale! "On a scale of one to Polish..." -Chris

*"I don't like that unsure feeling." -Chris. So it means he's going to be insecure during your entire relationship, especially if he had gotten picked (no spoiler, I just don't think she picks him) and watched this and all her "amazing connections" with everyone else.

*She does have a good eye for the good personality traits.

*"I don't want to see Chris get heartbroken." -Chris's dad. Waaayyyy too late for that not being an option.

*How do they say they could see their life together when they haven't seen any of their real life? I don't know, it seems like there will be a real reality check.

*"Sensing some love," is completely different from, "She's falling in love with you."

*His ranch is a few hundred acres???

*I love them together.

*Hahaha I love when she brings in her sense of humor. Gun lessons? LOLz

*I am ready for the commentary to be done with.

*Steve is SO Mormon. "Is your life built on sound principles?"

*I love that other people put her through the ringer. I love that she can dish it AND take it.

*Could Emily uproot? Please bless that she moves to Utah and we can be neighbors.

*They made this convo between Jef and Steve sound so much dramatic than it actually was. Typical.

*Rebekah and I were BOTH tearing up during Jef's letter! AHHHHHHH

*It's good that Arie's being honest but let's not make her more nervous by telling her YOU'RE nervous.

*She snazzed up for him. Geez.

*When will people learn that you don't speak in other languages when everyone doesn't speak it?

*Good for you Arie for breaking the tension!

*I can't tell if his mom is drunk or her accent is just so loose.

*"These are my little girls." -Sean. He has kids too! (It was really about his dogs.)

*"It's a simple life..." -Sean. We'll be the judge of that when we see your house.

*"Let's leave the camera crew to pick up our picnic basket." -Sean and Emily.

*Ummm, simple life my butt! Your granddaughter has a playhouse in your backyard!

*".....I still live here." -Sean. :O Emily's face.

*His room is messy.

*"I wish my mom would have picked up a little bit." -Sean. You lose.

*This is a joke.

*This IS a joke!!! Ooooh you sneak!!!!

*That was awkward. Not a good joke.

*....But it is entertaining to think of his mom decorating that room, eating half a cookie, leaving out a glass of milk....hahaha

*If he doesn't open up with his parents, he's not going to open up with his wife as much as Emily wants him to. That's a (light)(ish) red flag as far as Emily's concerned.

*Well Emily's southern accent will fit in nicely with his family.

*Why is it still light outside?

*Are they going to make us watch another of their kisses?

*I hope Chris H. asks what all the boys what they told her at the end of the dates.

*Jef's letter was better than Ryan's 12 page??? Imagine that.

*They even decorate with candles on the patio? Wow guys. They don't miss anything.

*Emily wasn't THAT emotional about letting them go, she just feels bad for the humiliation Chris is going to feel with his family.

**Awkward silence on the bench.*

*"I'm shocked." -Chris. Ryan?? Is that you???

*"Was it me? What was it?? Is there an explanation?!" -Chris. Um, the explanation is you're on the Bachelorette.

*"How much faster could it possibly move?" -Chris. Seriously???

*"I told you I LOVED you!" -Chris. Well obviously you should have stayed.

*"I thought she loved me back." -Chris. Your dad effed up the whole thing!!

*"I'm ten times the man all those ^$&%!(* dudes are." -Chris. Seriously?????

Oh man. I do love this show.

What do y'all think? Does Sean have a chance? Am I just being closed-minded? I think it's been between Jef and Arie for like 6 weeks, but Rebekah thinks only two weeks. Your thoughts?