Monday, June 18, 2012

This episode MESSES with you!

I have a LOT to say this episode. Sorry for the length; if you skip it, I won't be offended.

*Oh Wolf gets some action!

*There it is! "Croatia is the perfect place to fall in love." -Jef

*I'll watch you pack up and get that one on one, Travis.

*I'm super jealous about the date! Croatia looks beautiful.

*Haha @ Emily telling him exactly how to get on the balancing stone.

*Also, her disappointment about Travis not taking his shirt off.

*She seems like she's having fun but not necessarily because of him.

*WHAT is Ryan wearing! What is that tank top???

*If she doesn't feel romance by the hours of the day, he's out.

*It is humid in Croatia!! Her hair doesn't stay in anything.

*I wonder if they have a rule that whoever went on the last one on one has to pick up the date card.

*Oooooh bad idea to say the word manipulate.

*"I haven't been able to open up." -Travis. Well if you haven't gone on any dates, then obviously not.

*She's not asking pressing questions; I think he's gone.

*Poor guy. He puts himself out there for the first time in two years - on the Bachelorette - and gets rejected.

*Awww. He's a I typed that, he threw the umbrella. haha. But he's still sweet.

*HAHAHAHA! I hope she chose the kilts for all them to wear.

*"Wolf is going home. He's too little, too late." -Michelle C. Agreed.

*Shut up! They saw Brave, and their episode is airing before it even comes into theaters NOW!

*Nice work, Jef, sitting next to Emily. I think he's my favorite.

*Doug is reminding Emily that he has a son.

*Jef sees the kilt and is like, "I've worn worse."

*None of them are confident enough in their skirt kilt to walk by Emily, when they were clamoring to be by her before the theater.

*Awww. Good sport, Chris.

*Throwing a log won't contribute to you finding love with Emily. But it's a nice sentiment.

*Stick pulling. Jef explains it because he's the only one who's ever done it on Pioneer day.

*Unfair advantage - Doug was stronger AND had the outside.

*Emily says big muscles aren't impressive, but swooned over Sean breaking the log. She's thinking in two different parts of the brain.

*Man, Arie knows how to work it! That is a spontaneous, push you against the wall kiss.

*Ryan's facial hair is his worst choice yet.

*Instead of talking about how good things can be, let's do something about making all those good things happen.

*"A little less conversation, a little more action, please." -Elvis

*She's uncomfortable hearing this from Chris. Either it's him, or it's too early, or something.

*Or maybe not, because she's getting the rose.

*Do the producers tell them all to sit together when the Bachelor/ette comes in? And when Chris H comes in  right before the rose ceremony?

*Arie's DYING. And this is the first time I've seen her come in and hang out before a date. Is she not that excited?

*Arie is confident, but hides it better than Ryan. I can't tell if he's hiding more, or if that's just how he is. Thoughts?

*"Ryan calling me a trophy wife does not sit well with me." -Emily. Then you're in for a night of fun.

*"It was so good!" -Emily after she spits out the oyster.

*Yay for crazy old Croatians!

*I love when Ryan brings God into the picture.

*Um, not the first wife to talk back.

*If Ryan gets a rose - which he will, or Arie wouldn't be pissed and come a-knocking - then he's definitely around for another week. So if there's enough evidence against him, will she take his rose away?

*She lets him know he's in trouble. I like that so much. But that also gives him the opportunity to redeem himself.

*More Ryan letters!

*He didn't address her fears at all. Bad choice.


*Then what is Arie going to talk to her about???

*Stop manipulating.

*Stop it. Stopstopstop.

*She gets vulnerable when she breaks up with someone, and he absolutely knows that, and is playing with that.

*She's going to compromise and not give him the rose, but let him go to the ceremony.

*Great Jef. All the deaf people really think you think Ryan's a great guy. (Because he said, "He's a great guy" but shook his head.)

*We've seen this convo. Move on!!

*Hold strong!!

*Good girl.

*The fact that he's not broken up at all shows that he's not that emotionally invested.

*"Shocked is not the appropriate emotion for that situation. Ryan is an idiot." -Danny C.

*I bet he's going to refuse to go.

*Nothing brings the guys together like mutual hatred.

*Who did you build friendships with?

*THAT'S why Arie goes to her. Sympathy.

*Now I can believe Ryan goes home.

*They didn't show her excited "Hey!!!" in the teasers! Sneaky editing.

*And Arie's "Um...basically..." is totally different without the music.

*"No one is ever gonna know you were here." -Emily. She's way too used to the cameras. Haha.

*I want someone else to come sneaking over when someone else has already snuck over.

*"If you don't get a rose tonight, you're going home." -Wolf. And that's different from every other

*His parents don't know it, but now America does.

*Well laminate it!

*So he's Catholic.

*I do love how honest Arie is.

*If she send home two tonight, next week is the (would-be?) fantasy suites.

*BEST MOMENT! She's not even all "brb."

*How'd Chris H. get all the way outside? I always figure he just stands in the doorway, especially with that few bachelors left.

*Man. Four eliminated in .......

*...and Chris bring in the extra rose. YOU PLAYED US, EMILY!!!!

*Man, I was so excited for it to be the final four! Oh, well. More screen time of Arie and Jeff.


*Does Arie get a one on one next week?? I thought they'd go to Doug and Wolf.

*Ahhhhh.....Arie and the producer. I can't WAIT to get to the bottom of that, and know what's going on. Was this filmed during taping or after??!?! I doubt Arie's sincerity because of those rumors - which is why I can't read spoilers. They spoil it for a reason!

My goodness. Please bless that my questions will all be answered next week.


  1. Such a good episode! I love Arie and I want him to be good. I'm so addicted.

  2. Ryan's tank top is ridiculous. He is ridiculous.
    Oooo, Arie's kiss against the wall, swoon!
    Did you see the clip on Hulu of the guys trying to ride the donkey's? HILARIOUS!!! I wonder how many times Emily got flashed.
    Chris shooting the arrow was soooo funny!
    I love Jef!