Monday, June 11, 2012


I can't wait for this episode!

*Eh, maybe one of them won't be her husband. We all know how this works.

*Chris H. has got to be paid to create drama. "I hope you all are falling in love, too."

*That's a SWEET apartment.

*I can't wait to see more of Sean. He's hooked me from episode 1.

*Oh Kalon. You're an idiot.

*Talk about the All-American couple! Sean + Emily = football and apple pie.

*Dude, Kalon is digging and digging and Emily isn't even around.

*Dang - I thought Emily's sexy voice was from being angry. Turns out she's just sick. Bummer.

*"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." "What the hell does that mean?" Seriously?
-"Dude I think that's Shakespeare." -Alejandro. Five minutes later. Thanks guys.

*She says all these sweet things that are going to piss Sean off if he makes it far but doesn't get picked.

*This show needs new music.

*"My kisses and my relationship with Sean are just going to get better." -Emily. In other words, he needs some work.

*Doug, why is acting the last thing you want to do today?

*See? Arie can talk about hating acting but at least he's not being a baby about it.

*"I was not surprised. I was born to play this role." -Kalon. I would have killed to see his reaction if he had been cast as the nurse.

*"Apparently my strength as an actor is in playing a female role." -Doug. LOL

*I'm just glad Kalon's not kissing her.

*Ok Arie. Shakespeare's hard but let's pretend like we've read a book past an 8th-grade level.

*"My performance today is extremely important." -Kalon, and then he shoos Emily away. Seriously missing the important "performance."

*Every Woman in America is swooning over Arie in tights.

*Do the Brits pay attention to Bachelor?

*They need to cut to everything Doug says while he's in that nurse's outfit.

*"When he kisses me, it's rough, it's wet, and it's warm. 2 out of 3 ain't bad." Which two?

*They play women well. A little too well?

*Please let the surprise be another letter.

*"Yeah, talk to a sick Emily who has a daughter to go home to." -Kalon. You're so classy.

*It's at least super sweet that all the boys are rallying up around Emily.

*"And I'm saying f*** a lot right now." -Doug. Hahahahaha

*"I love to hear you talk, but not until I'm done." -Emily. She's been waiting for that one.

*Why are you still standing there?

*Your mother doesn't want that "baggage" of saying she's who made you who you are.

*Wow. She is super pissed.

*I see where she's coming from; I think they have so much respect for her that they wanted her to have her moment to kill Kalon.

*How through is she, Jef?

*Jef gets points for bringing it up before Emily did.

*I like that Jef is hard for her to read. She needs a challenge.

*Mmmmm I'd LOVE to ride that Ferris Wheel.

*I've been so happy with Jef from the beginning. I love him, especially after this date.

*How many times do they have to "realize" she's not messing around?

*I wish I could wear one-shoulder dresses.

*I don't know who's going home.

*Punishing Arie by saving him for last - of course. She's pissed.

*Ok. Let's see what they tease us with, 'cause so far the biggest trailers have been about kicking Kalon's butt to the curb.

*Oh - the emotional teasers. I guess next week is going to be good, but I hope they're not going to attack Ryan (probably) to try and make up for the fact that no one stood up for Kalon - though I'm positive that Arie goes to Emily in the middle of the night so that he can get points back. Also, do they plan to have a middle of the night visit on every season somehow? The last three have all had them, were they in it before Brad's second season too?

I LOVE that Emily breaks stereotypes in every way. I can't wait to see her confront Chris Harrison. Manohman!

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  1. "I'm going to go all West Virgina, hood rat, backwoods on his a%*!" hahahaha