Monday, June 25, 2012


See how I said his name more times than that post about Arie?

*Holy cow! Is it hometowns already?

*Three one-on-ones! Please bless that it's Jef and Arie for two of them.

*"I didn't expect that." -Arie. "I didn't expect that either." -Jef. Haha.

*I wonder if a one-on-one is more nervewracking without a rose since then you don't know until the rose ceremony that you made it?

*Why are elbow patches coming back??

*Arie pulls money out his pocket - how much do you think ABC gives him?

*So much damage control so early? Arie wins.

*Emily's digging is not going to bring up his relationship. He's not thinking about THAT right now. Stop playing games.

*When are they ever off camera?

*Is this the earliest someone's dropped the "L" bomb?

*"I have a surprise for you." -Emily. Fireworks? Not a surprise.

*Wolf, please don't say the word love when this is your first (one-on-one) date.

*He is taller than her! I always visualize him as a little man.

*"Data Destruction Specialist."

*Their first dinner was in a cave, second is in a dungeon...

*I love that the cameramen just follow him around and don't tell him where she is.

*If the person she's "happiest to see" after her date with John is Sean, things aren't looking good for John.

*Oh my gosh. Is she going to send Doug home in the middle of the date??

*"I have the hardest time getting a read on Emily." -Doug. She is THE easiest person to read. Ever.

*Poor guy!! He's being so sweet about it though.

*Spontaneous two-on-one!

*That's a MESSAGE Jef. Listen well!

*"I don't know what would be worse. If [Chris] does get the rose, or if he doesn't get the rose." -John. Hahahaha.

*Chris smiles when he's saying things he's not happy about.

*Dear Emily. Please love Jef forever.

*FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. He bought you daughter a puppet when YOU didn't even think about it!!!

*Is this all impromptu? It didn't seem like the puppet shop was planned, but the card said tug on those heartstrings.

*I'm dying. I'mdyingI'mdyingI'mdyingI'mdyingI'mdying.

*That. Was. By. Far. The BEST scene I've ever seen on the Bachelor.

*If I were Emily (and I want to be, so it's basically the same thing)....As great as Arie is, Jef would be leagues ahead of him. He's so solid in what he wants and what his future contains, and Arie is sweet but compared to what Jef is bringing to the table, he has no depth. Jef and Emily have the same values, same ideals, on everything they've talked about!

*Could Jef BE more perfect?

*She's the one asking family questions, and Jef is stepping it up!!!!

*I'm so in love. I need him in her life.

*I want to date you and marry the **** out of you." -Jef.

*I don't care about the rose ceremony. Can we show more of her and Jef's date?

*That whole segment was about Chris being a baby.

*Chris? Well I guess he won't be the final two anyway so no worries.

Well, so long as I can see more of Jef next week....and the week after that....and the week after that.....and not the week after that because that's the Men Tell All (is that right?), but then he'll propose and my Emily's life will be perfect.

I was torn between them after Arie's first date, but I always had my eye on Jef - he intrigued me because he was different, and in a good way. Then Arie swept Emily off her feet, and they were tied. And then Jef went out with her and I just love him.

But seriously. They're perfect for each other. Please let me be wrong about damage control and Arie.


  1. I LOVE JEF SO MUCH! He is so genuine, and at first I did not think they went together, but the more I watch them together I feel like they are so perfect for each other. Also did you know that his whole family is LDS and his parents are serving a mission in North Carolina? SO cool.

  2. ha ha! I like Jeff too however I didn't like his commment about how his parents have "a commitment for a couple years in S Carolina..." Just say a mission Jeff. Its not that hard. So crazy! Anyways glad you liked the was a good one and YES Chris is a baby and I didn't even watch that part. I left the room.

  3. I LOVE JEF! He has the coolest hair! Their date was magical and I got goosebumps during the puppet reenactment. Amazing. I hope she ends up with Jef.
    Jef: "When would you want kids?"
    Emily: "Like yesterday!" hahaha