Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Home Stretch

Wahoo! Women, tell all!

This post is kinda boring. Just like the episode. I don't blame you if you skip it.

*Oh good! A ghosts of Bachelors past! If I knew anyone, I'd be way more excited about this.

*Ooh they put them in order from who went first to last.

*Ah remember Jamie's kissing lesson? She had to do it, then watch it on national television, and THEN again on WTA! Poor thing. At least she's laughing.

*If Blakeley has has her guard up, and that causes bad situations, and that's why you had your guard up? Catch 22

*I don't remember Samantha at all. Why is she suddenly at the forefront?

*Who IS she?

*I don't understand why they're so mad about how Shawntel came in? What's she going to do, introduce herself and say, "I'm here for Ben! See ya!"

*"I don't have tiny thighs." It's not about the thighs.

*Emily's dress is about to slide right off.

*I hate how they always use words like, "journey" and "thing" instead of what it is. A relationship.

*I like Emily a lot.

*Oh I lied. Nicki came home after Kacie, but she's in front of her in seating.

*Oh man I missed the beginning of that episode of Ben in all white! Too bad.

*"I knew there was a risk, but I didn't know the risk was being this hurt." -Nicki. What else was the risk?

*I'm just sitting here, snacking on pepperoni. I love pepperoni!

*Jenna's hair is super long!

*Why do we have to watch all these recaps? WE'VE SEEN IT ALREADY.

*Nobody cares about Ben anymore, Chris. Stop bringing him up.

*"You were THE friend in the house." The one and only friend. Of Courtney.

*These girls on the second row are showing America their hoo-has.

*Say what you will about Courtney, her eyebrows are perfect.

*Now I will say what I want about Courtney. I think her apology was sincere....enough. I think she knows that she hurt the girls, but I think it's a cross between, "I'm sorry I hurt them," and, "I'm sorry I'm getting all this backlash from it." I think she does think she's above them to an extent, where she thinks her reasons for being insecure and acting how she did trumps their feelings of hurt about what she did. But for her to have even gone on the show is unprecedented (as far as I know), and she knew she would be getting fired at. That takes balls, and at least a little regret. However, I do understand why the girls have such a hard time forgiving her. All they knew was her being rude to them all the time, whereas I've had a couple weeks to watch her "change," and start giving her a second chance.

*Then again, what I think really doesn't matter.

*But if you're still reading, you care at least a little.

*I can't wait for these girls to rip on Ben.

*Jennifer has the most rocking fire-engine red hair I've ever seen. She blows it out of the water.

*Nicki hasn't met a lot of great men if Ben is the best one she's ever known.

*I guess Ben just likes to be naked.

*Why didn't they bring up skinny dipping?!!?? The hell??

*Ben looks at Chris when he's talking about "Who'd he pick?" with unease. I don't think he's still with Courtney - I mean, whoever he picks.

*Courtney was wearing a ton of makeup the first night, compared to what she wore for the rest of the season.

*I wonder where they buy their roses from?

*So, Emily M is the next Bachelorette, and we knew even when applications were still being accepted for the men. Is this the first time that's ever happened? I thought that was always a secret.

On the Ellen show, Ben said, "I wish there had been a mole telling me about Courtney." Umm, now that we've seen all the episodes, he's been warned about her on four separate occasions! Not even taking responsibility.

Is the After the Final Rose immediately after the show next week?


  1. 1. Why didn't they bring up skinny dipping!!!! Seriously, how can they bash Courtney so hard and then not bash him for encouraging her and ignoring all of their concerns?

    2. Thank you Emily for having enough self respect to realize the best thing that happened to you was messing things up with the Ben the idiot!

    3. Seriously, Nicki? He is still the best guy you know? Your ex must have been a serious douche.

    4. Jaime you were crazy and the least sexy human on the Earth. Do you really think Ben is going to call you after Courtney breaks up with him?

    5. I think Monday is the final episode. Paaaaaarty over here!

  2. I couldn't believe they didn't rip into him for skinny dipping with Courtney when there was still a ton of girls left. So rude! Courtney did wear a lot of make up that first night. Courtney said something like, "I cared I care about Ben and don't want to hurt him" or something like that. I think he either picked her and they aren't together now or he didn't pick her. I'll be glad when this season is over. Ben bugs me. Get a haircut dude!