Monday, February 6, 2012

Such a love/hate relationship

I have a lot to say about this episode, so if you actually read this whole thing....props.

*Poor Blakely. I was actually hoping she'd get a one on one.

*"I feel like it could go one of two ways." It could ALWAYS go one of two ways, sweetheart.

*I love Kacie B, but her comment about, "We could be engaged in a couple weeks!" kinda made me feel like she was super young.

*Perfect packing. Candy. I'm dead serious. I would have done it.

*This is actually a good, get to know you date.

*I was peeing when the next scene came after commercial, but I heard her say, "It's so beautiful!" and I knew she was looking at her dinner set up, wine glasses and candles....yep. I was right.

*I wonder what Kacie B. has so much to open up about.

*You can tell Ben cares a lot for her. Eye contact, patience and understanding.

*His watch is as big as his face!!! Or his hair. You choose.

*Courtney WOULD go topless. Well, at least it will be less of a shock when the girls find out they went skinny dipping.

*It's Tour Guide Ben!

*And that's why Courtney is smoking them all. She's a pusher, Cady! (Points if you get the non-Bachelor reference.)

*Haha I love the Progressive commercial with Flo in front of the mirror. I hope one day she gets a niece or nephew so she can be Aunt Flo.

*"Let's toast to going with the flow!" -Ben. OMG isn't that EXACTLY what you said you wanted in a girl!?!??

*Oooh, Dumpsville. Way to remember the deats, Benny-boy. I don't even remember that.

*Clever rhyme.

*That's her purpose. To intimidate you.


*She is his shadow....

*Don't keep rambling - don't tell him how you feel, show him!

*They should rename the show to The Bachelor: More DTRs than you ever wanted to see.

*Jamie's going home. (And it's not because of Courtney, like she thinks.)

*About the engagement with the Chicago Children's Choir - What a cute proposal! Way to keep selling marriages, since your show can't keep any together.


*Good redemption! She is really funny.

*Ben, if you don't want her to talk about it, don't bring it up.

*Courtney, you are officially tactless. There is no redemption for you. It takes a lot for someone to come and apologize like that, especially in front of others (though maybe not here 'cause she knew they'd back her), and you threw her down.

*If Courtney says she doesn't like being "disrespected," she must be pissed at what everyone is saying about her right now. And the last two months.

*Lindzi you rock!

*OMG Courtney's getting ready for her (pretend) rendez-vous!

*Patterns exist for a make them exist. Do you see the pattern that you're in every one of these relationships?

*He doesn't give in to Courtney once, and she has a breakdown.

*I like that Blakeley is focusing her excitement on spending time with Ben and not just flaunting that she thinks she's getting the rose. Yes, she's using it for intimidation, but it could be worse. (I think because I didn't like her so much at first, that everything slightly noble she does is like, huge in my books. haha)

*Is there a rule that they are only allowed to wear heels? To everything??

*Blakeley, do you "know" Rachel's not sexual because she hasn't hit on you yet?

*Ok, Blakeley. Stop going down on him. It's not a striptease.

*Does anyone reading this ever wear shirtdresses? Even if I could, I think I'd be too nervous about my hoo-ha showing. It seems so inevitable!

*Please tell me that's her journal.

*OMG it's a scrapbook! "This is us in San Francisco....This is the kids in Switzerland..."

*Ben, you can't see a future with her? But she just showed it to you!

*The shot of the lonely cat....just like Blakeley's lonely now...

*"When something like this happens, it seems like it must be serious." Or, you know it's serious because Chris Harrison walks in and says, "It's serious."

*STFU this is all for a boy???

*Why is it OK for Ben to love more than one girl, but not the contestants? (That gem is from my husband. It's also truth.)

*Casey S says, "I think I need a therapist." Enter Chris Harrison.

*Courtney only hopes that Casey stays because she's the only one who likes her. And if you'll notice, it's the first time (that they've shown) that she's talked about someone who has the potential of going home, and hasn't wished for it, or wished her ill will, etc.

*What does the Bachelor(ette) do on their down time on the show? I wouldn't be in my hotel room in the tropics, that's for sure.

*"And I still have to deal with this?" -Casey S. Honey, going on the Bachelor wasn't going to make all your problems magically disappear.

*They have the smallest suitcases, but so many outfits! And SHOES! Do they just show one suitcase? Does ABC carry around trunks of clothes in their wardrobe for them?

*"This is everything I could hope for in a relationship." Really? Your every hope is to be dating a guy, once a week, who is falling for 7 other girls?

*Q: How do these girls define "prude?" It's been thrown around a lot this episode, and not a single one of them would I define that way. Not in the slightest.

*I'm going to show this making out clip to my 16 year-olds when they want to know how kissing is (not) done.

*At least she can laugh at herself.

*Courtney didn't even push for one-on-one time. I don't get it. Is she hurt he didn't come for her? Is she making him "work for it" now?

*Say what you will about Emily's raps - I love them!

Ok. I feel like on Brad's season, when a girl went home, the majority of the time, at least two girls were crushed that their friend had left the show. We had three departures this time, and the first two didn't seem, from the other girls, like they were going to be missed that much. Am I just remembering wrong? It just doesn't seem like there's as much comraderie this time. But Brad's season is the only one I've seen, so maybe this way is the norm, not the exception. Either way, it's kinda sad the girls don't seem to be super close - I'd want to have a couple close friends coming out of something like this, anyway.

From the previews, it seems like they talk to Ben twice about Courtney, and both situations are almost mirrored from conversations that have already happened - like telling Ben to "tread lightly," when those are the exact words he used with Emily. Something else, but I can't remember. Either way, I hope Courtney goes home next week.

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