Monday, February 27, 2012

Sometimes, Chris is nice to me when I don't deserve it

This is a cheesy story about my crankiness and Chris being very kind. Skip if you don't feel like it.

I was being a bitch all afternoon to my husband for no apparent reason. Ok. Maybe that's strong language. I've
definitely been worse than I was today. But it's also...not strong...because usually when I'm pissy with him, I at least feel justified that he's done something to deserve it. Today, nothing. I was so excited to see him after work, then when I did, everything he said, didn't say, did or didn't do pissed me off. It would have been that way with anyone. So, it's equally bad/worse for me to act this way for no reason at all.

I've learned through hard experience that in these times it's best to keep to myself and my mouth shut. He finally asked what was wrong, and I told him I was pissy for no reason so I just trying to stay to myself, and I went to the bathroom to take a bath. Well, the bathwater was cold. And I had been cold all day, and I hate few things in this world more than being perpetually cold. Chris came in to try and cheer me up for a second, but I told him my first world problem and about how hard my life was. Since there was no reason for me to stay in my colder than lukewarm bath, I got dressed.

Well, I reached into the living room to grab my work clothes and smelled something burning. We had already eaten, so I was pretty curious.

"Whatcha making?" I asked Chris

"Umm...." He finished chewing his sunflower seeds and finished. "Hot bathwater?"

I look over at the stove, and there sat our biggest pot with steam coming out of it.

He was going to make me a bath from heated up sink water. Because he loves me.

I'm a lucky girl.


  1. I love this. Good to know I'm not the only bitchy wife in the world. Also that is pretty adorable.

  2. I wrote my most recent blog, right before I read yours. So funny, and my day, today, made reading yours even funnier and more enjoyable. So awesome he was making you a hot bath. Isn't marriage just awesome?

  3. Shoot, I pray all the time to be a nicer person to Srun. Like, I see myself being mean as I'm being mean and I don't stop. And you know Srun.. super calm and happy. So don't worry, you're not the only crazy wife out there. :) And that was super sweet of Chris.

  4. Now I'm gonna go get mad at Srun for not doing such sweet things for me.. hahaha