Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Know what I love to see? Ben getting manipulated.

And I'm actually not lying. He is NOT my favorite.

PS Sorry this is so late. It's been a crazy week.

*My prediction: Lindzi, Emily, Kacie and Courtney.

*Kacie swore!

*Holy makeup Lindzi! I now believe her when she said she never wears any.

*My friend said this about Courtney's crying: "She's just crying because everyone else gets a one-on-one and she feels like she's losing." Truth.

*It's really bothering me how much they talk up Ben and how amazing he is when I really don't care for him. At all.

*OH MY GOSH. ABC is illustrating their message in a bottle with their "story."

*His date with Emily is one that I'd personally love - just wandering around a tropical, new place, experiencing whatever I can with the locals...and my camera crew.

*"He is potentially falling for someone who treated me so bad." -Courtney. Really?

*You've said the worst things about anyone, so you can't say that she's been nasty to you, or whatever you said. Because she even apologized. Get over it.

*Courtney's making sure everything she says points in the direction of her having the control, not Ben.

*I can't wait for the day in the Bachelor when someone says, "I'm not ready for you to meet my family." That ALMOST happened with Emily and Brad, but she gave in eventually.

*Do they make the girls all sit around together sometimes? If she pisses you off so much, leave!

*This and last episode show that this is a game to Courtney. What is this "losing the spark" crap? Homegirl is not going to last 2 weeks in marriage.

*Ben said something about heartbreak - good. He deserves some. (I really don't like him.)

*"I notice you, Courtney." -Ben. Is it because she's naked half the time?

*At least there are no cheesy metaphors about climbing the temple being like overcoming love obsta- no, wait. I spoke too soon.

*What a romantic helicopter shadow. LOLz

*"I believe in soulmates." -Ben. Really?! Then shouldn't you just send all your other girls home if you've met her? Or if not, just send everyone home?

*If Ben is as attentive as the other girls say he is, he'll pay attention to the meaning behind Courtney's monologue.

*"I'm the talent!" -Courtney. Enough said.

*Anyone else notice that Kacie straightened her hair on a day she is definitely not going to see Ben?

*"I don't want to keep pushing Courtney about what she is saying." -Ben. Because you're scared to know the truth, dumba**. If you really wanted to find love and have it last, you wouldn't be scared to push and find out what someone is really like.

*This is the date where I'd be kicked off. Nobody wakes me up at 4AM who expects to live to see the sunrise.

*Nothing like a good chardonnay at 9AM

*"Not just fears, phobias." -Rachel. Someone pull out a dictionary for her.

*Did they put on makeup on the boat on the way back?

*Kacie's opening up to Ben was pretty selfless, I thought - just that she was honest in wanting him to know and obviously not expecting anything in return. I don't want her to get hurt, but I don't want her to be with him.

*"Did you hear that? She said Ben's not the only guy in the world." -Emily. I can't judge - maybe it's easy to think that, when she's been secluded from the rest of the world for so long...?

Well. Guess I can't say I'm not surprised Courtney stayed - if he gave her a second chance at all, that's all she needed. More and more I'm hoping he picks her.

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