Monday, February 27, 2012

Is it over yet?

*Two surprise door show-up in one season? ABC is killing to have some edge here. They knew they'd lose us.

*Ben thinking he's going to screw it up - $20 says he's not consistently with the same woman at the After the Final Rose that he chose at the last episode.

*Nicki saying that she wants her second chance at a fairytale is a red flag for me. She should know, already having been married, that it is no fairytale.

*Do we all see the same ridiculous commercials? I won't lie though, I do want to see Titanic in 3D. What?!

*"I felt that we were the only two people in Switzerland." -Nicki. Does the helicopter pilot not count?

*"My relationship with Nicki, it's getting to new heights." Good one, Ben.

*OH! I found out from a previous contestant on the Bachelor (I read her blog, you should check it out, it's Best recaps ever. She's hilarious) - the girls are put in isolation when they take the Bachelor/ette to meet their family. So it IS their first time seeing their family.

*We're just now getting to talk about the last time we saw each other?

*Oh my sweet mercy. Will the relationship metaphors never end?

*"I don't want him to have unanswered questions." -Nicki. Like whether or not you have STDs?

*It drives me crazy that they

*Niiiiiiickiiiiiiiiii has been driiiiiinnkiiiiiiing!!!!

*"Are these bubbles?" -Nicki. What else would they be?

*That's Kacie's voice!

*Of course the metaphors don't end.

*Wait. So them "rappelling" means they sit in their harness, while a professional lowers them to the ground? Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow

*I wonder what would happen if they picked a complete a**hole to be the Bachelor (like, a bigger one than Ben), and put them in the same scenarios, if the girls would still "fall in love."

*Ben, if you need the overnight to decide where this is going with Lindzi, then she's already going home. But he did say, "I love Lindzi," so who knows.

*Why do they always act so surprised/ignorant when he brings up the Fantasy Suite?

*I want the Honey Bunches of Oats people to come to MY house!

*He's noticed this about Courtney the whole time and is NOW bringing it up? I guess he did once before but then chickened out? So it doesn't count?

*Recap of Ben's recap of Courtney: I like trains and because I'm a little boy and I see a train, I suddenly feel better about noticing that she's a witch.

*"There's never a dull moment, but even when there is....." -Courtney. Also, it's easy to not have a dull moment when you're traveling and seeing new things every second.

*"I wish it had been easier for me..." -Courtney. Or, you could take responsibility and say, "I wish I had the maturity to take a difficult situation and act at least human."

*"I don't want it to get to him/Knowing it made it harder for him [is hard]." -Courtney. Yet again. No thought whatsoever to how the other girls have been affected by her meanness.

*"What you see is the real me." -Courtney. But it's also real that you were a beezy to other people.

*Her bringing it up did take balls. She gets a bit of credit.

*She does her lip thing with him too! How does it not annoy the hell out of him?

*Magnets on the rose for the Bachelorette! How did I not think of that?

*This 3D movie/talking is a bit much for me.

*Kacie did get to go to Switzerland after all!

*It's 8:26. How long does this meeting with Kacie go on?

*Ben is such a man's man. You can almost see his thoughts: "I let you go. What else is there to know?"

*Basically admitting that it was her parents that pushed him away.


*They're holding hands.

*If Ben doesn't pick Courtney tonight, she's going to see this and go after Kacie. Or, already be dating one of the other fish in the sea.

*Chris doesn't seem to have any emotional attachment to Ben or his decision. Good judge of character.

*Anyone else see the commercial of the peanut butter jelly - was it lunchables? Um, what the hell is a 10 year old doing with a smart phone!?!?

*Man. I'm commenting on the commercials too much for this to be a good episode.

*The girls like hardly look at each other. There's like, no comraderie. It just seems kinda sad.

*Sounds like a good way to make major decisions. At the last minute. Way to go.

*He's for sure still picking Courtney. Lindzi and Courtney.

*The music relaxed me so much that I forgot how intense the moment was until it stopped.


*Hugz frm Court??

*Why do they always hold hands after rejecting them?

*Shouldn't they have a tissue box ready? They should know the tears flow by now.

*The reflection of the lights made me feel like the limo was bedazzled. I was disappointed when it wasn't.

*Women tell all!!!!! I really wish they'd do that after we know who he chose, so the last girl could be on there too. It seems like we miss out on so much this way.

*Do the last two not meet his family?

*Does he seriously propose? Really? Or is it just me that's been getting the commitment-phobic vibes?

Only two more weeks of this ridiculousness. Because we all know it's out of the question for me to stop watching. But it's so hard to keep going. I don't think the Women Tell All will be THAT dramatic, but who knows what other drama was going on while they were obsessed with Emily v. Courtney.

Almost done.

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