Monday, February 20, 2012

And then there were three.

Hometowns are always pretty awkward, and I didn't think I'd have much to say, but....I was wrong!

*"Horses have been a big part of my life since...before I was born." -Lindzi

*They're not even riding a horse? It's a carriage?

*over the woods and through the hills...

*Awkward hug over the carriage with her mom

*"We had our first date in San Francisco!" -Ben. (And my first date with 15 other girls!)

*Bahahhahahahaha. This is your life, should you choose to accept it.

*"It sucks bad enough that we lost..." -Ben. That's exactly what you want when meeting your girlfriend's dad. To show him up at what he's best at.

*"You picked a good guy." -Lindzi's dad. Did someone tell him how this show works?

*He does seem to get along really well with her parents....but maybe he'll be like that with everyone.

*Ben is one of the least eloquent people I've ever heard. Do they tell him to be vague on purpose?

*PLEASE tell me she's going to perform.

*Oh yeah baton twirling!!!

*Wow. Well done, Kacie. Way to be confident. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

*Why does she knock on her own door?

*He brings her family a present - and from the previews, Courtney - but did he not bring one to Lindzi?

*Her whole family is super pretty

*"I do value the sanctity of marriage." -Ben. "But I'm ok with being naked with multiple girls at once." To be fair, he's only been naked with far.

*I obviously can't get over the skinny dipping.

*Kacie's parents are getting her sent home. Mom doesn't want cohabitation, and dad doesn't want him to break her heart more.

*What are your "traditional values?" Am I really so far removed from the world that I can't see eye to eye with him?

*inhjtt hfgr sdfb hgregh gffg vfyuytr gfgjki hgfghj g hfg nmky bb

*I feel like Kacie's dad is one of the few people that's had his head on straight. Is it so bad to want to date more after spending maybe one day a week together for 8-12 weeks?

*Who am I to say anything with my 3 months to engagement relationship? Hypocrite.

*We at least spent everyday together.

*Ok. Back on track. Texas pride for 20 minutes. Can't wait.

*"Last time I brought a man home, under these circumstances..." -Nicki. Did we miss you the last time you were on the Bachelor?

*I love the boot salesman! I want to touch his hair.

*Getting the right boot = getting the right life partner.

*Having BEN through a divorce before....oh. I get it.

*Oh, divorced parents! This is going to be exciting.

*Blah blah blah. All the parents say the same things. Let's get on with it.

*Ok, does anyone know - when the girls go home to prep for their hometown dates, do they not stay with their parents? Where do they stay? Is the first time they see their parents at that moment?

*Awwwwww. Sweet daddy. I miss mine.

*Another L bomb!

*And Ben says it for the first time!

*I wish you all could have seen my face when the teaser came up of Courtney putting the ring on Ben's finger.

*Is she going to show her human side? Only 'cause there's no girls around.

*Let me get this straight - last episode, you were super insecure and considering going home, and now, you're falling in love with him?

*Courtney's flowers are the biggest, plus he has wine.

*"Once, she made a wrong decision." -Courtney's mom. Well, she hadn't seen the show yet, so maybe she's only seen the one bad far.

*"Well.....I'm glad you came!" -Cue upbeat music.

*Ben's hair looks worse than ever

*Leave it to Courtney to tell him she loves him in the most dramatic way possible.

*"How far are we gonna take this?" -Ben. Maybe you should have asked that 5 episodes ago.

*"Oh! Look at that! What do we have here? Oh! Oh!"

*"I'm nervous!" For your fake wedding?

*This is The Office all over again. -Chris.

*Ben had no emotion while saying his, but he likes her a lot. I can't get a handle on him.

*Well, Emily's gone, so we need another rhymer in the place.

*Man, again - I hope he picks Courtney, just so another girls doesn't watch this and be like, "YOU BASTARD!" But.....he probably deserves it.

*"I do." -Courtney

*gaaaahhhhhhh......I can't say I'm surprised.....She is so sweet and sincere and kind. See?? Even in her breakup SHE is the one being nice to HIM, and he does virtually nothing to make her feel better. Also, This pretty much seals the deal - for me - that he's picking Courtney. Kacie seemed to be her biggest competitor.

*She is probably yelling at her parents right now. Well, if she has her head on straight, she's thanking them for doing her a favor.

*I can't understand half of what she's saying. Poor, beautiful Kacie.

Well. My emotional investment in this season is gone, except for me wondering how he and whoever he picks end up at the "After the Final Rose." Also! Women tell all. YES!! Kacie will totally unleash.....well, whatever "unleashing" is for Kacie.

And EMILY! I just can't wait!!


  1. Is this season over yet?! I love your comments. Especially the one about Nikki bringing home the last guy under the same circumstances. Too funny!

  2. i wish i could watch that episode with you! i