Monday, February 27, 2012

Sometimes, Chris is nice to me when I don't deserve it

This is a cheesy story about my crankiness and Chris being very kind. Skip if you don't feel like it.

I was being a bitch all afternoon to my husband for no apparent reason. Ok. Maybe that's strong language. I've
definitely been worse than I was today. But it's also...not strong...because usually when I'm pissy with him, I at least feel justified that he's done something to deserve it. Today, nothing. I was so excited to see him after work, then when I did, everything he said, didn't say, did or didn't do pissed me off. It would have been that way with anyone. So, it's equally bad/worse for me to act this way for no reason at all.

I've learned through hard experience that in these times it's best to keep to myself and my mouth shut. He finally asked what was wrong, and I told him I was pissy for no reason so I just trying to stay to myself, and I went to the bathroom to take a bath. Well, the bathwater was cold. And I had been cold all day, and I hate few things in this world more than being perpetually cold. Chris came in to try and cheer me up for a second, but I told him my first world problem and about how hard my life was. Since there was no reason for me to stay in my colder than lukewarm bath, I got dressed.

Well, I reached into the living room to grab my work clothes and smelled something burning. We had already eaten, so I was pretty curious.

"Whatcha making?" I asked Chris

"Umm...." He finished chewing his sunflower seeds and finished. "Hot bathwater?"

I look over at the stove, and there sat our biggest pot with steam coming out of it.

He was going to make me a bath from heated up sink water. Because he loves me.

I'm a lucky girl.

Is it over yet?

*Two surprise door show-up in one season? ABC is killing to have some edge here. They knew they'd lose us.

*Ben thinking he's going to screw it up - $20 says he's not consistently with the same woman at the After the Final Rose that he chose at the last episode.

*Nicki saying that she wants her second chance at a fairytale is a red flag for me. She should know, already having been married, that it is no fairytale.

*Do we all see the same ridiculous commercials? I won't lie though, I do want to see Titanic in 3D. What?!

*"I felt that we were the only two people in Switzerland." -Nicki. Does the helicopter pilot not count?

*"My relationship with Nicki, it's getting to new heights." Good one, Ben.

*OH! I found out from a previous contestant on the Bachelor (I read her blog, you should check it out, it's Best recaps ever. She's hilarious) - the girls are put in isolation when they take the Bachelor/ette to meet their family. So it IS their first time seeing their family.

*We're just now getting to talk about the last time we saw each other?

*Oh my sweet mercy. Will the relationship metaphors never end?

*"I don't want him to have unanswered questions." -Nicki. Like whether or not you have STDs?

*It drives me crazy that they

*Niiiiiiickiiiiiiiiii has been driiiiiinnkiiiiiiing!!!!

*"Are these bubbles?" -Nicki. What else would they be?

*That's Kacie's voice!

*Of course the metaphors don't end.

*Wait. So them "rappelling" means they sit in their harness, while a professional lowers them to the ground? Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow

*I wonder what would happen if they picked a complete a**hole to be the Bachelor (like, a bigger one than Ben), and put them in the same scenarios, if the girls would still "fall in love."

*Ben, if you need the overnight to decide where this is going with Lindzi, then she's already going home. But he did say, "I love Lindzi," so who knows.

*Why do they always act so surprised/ignorant when he brings up the Fantasy Suite?

*I want the Honey Bunches of Oats people to come to MY house!

*He's noticed this about Courtney the whole time and is NOW bringing it up? I guess he did once before but then chickened out? So it doesn't count?

*Recap of Ben's recap of Courtney: I like trains and because I'm a little boy and I see a train, I suddenly feel better about noticing that she's a witch.

*"There's never a dull moment, but even when there is....." -Courtney. Also, it's easy to not have a dull moment when you're traveling and seeing new things every second.

*"I wish it had been easier for me..." -Courtney. Or, you could take responsibility and say, "I wish I had the maturity to take a difficult situation and act at least human."

*"I don't want it to get to him/Knowing it made it harder for him [is hard]." -Courtney. Yet again. No thought whatsoever to how the other girls have been affected by her meanness.

*"What you see is the real me." -Courtney. But it's also real that you were a beezy to other people.

*Her bringing it up did take balls. She gets a bit of credit.

*She does her lip thing with him too! How does it not annoy the hell out of him?

*Magnets on the rose for the Bachelorette! How did I not think of that?

*This 3D movie/talking is a bit much for me.

*Kacie did get to go to Switzerland after all!

*It's 8:26. How long does this meeting with Kacie go on?

*Ben is such a man's man. You can almost see his thoughts: "I let you go. What else is there to know?"

*Basically admitting that it was her parents that pushed him away.


*They're holding hands.

*If Ben doesn't pick Courtney tonight, she's going to see this and go after Kacie. Or, already be dating one of the other fish in the sea.

*Chris doesn't seem to have any emotional attachment to Ben or his decision. Good judge of character.

*Anyone else see the commercial of the peanut butter jelly - was it lunchables? Um, what the hell is a 10 year old doing with a smart phone!?!?

*Man. I'm commenting on the commercials too much for this to be a good episode.

*The girls like hardly look at each other. There's like, no comraderie. It just seems kinda sad.

*Sounds like a good way to make major decisions. At the last minute. Way to go.

*He's for sure still picking Courtney. Lindzi and Courtney.

*The music relaxed me so much that I forgot how intense the moment was until it stopped.


*Hugz frm Court??

*Why do they always hold hands after rejecting them?

*Shouldn't they have a tissue box ready? They should know the tears flow by now.

*The reflection of the lights made me feel like the limo was bedazzled. I was disappointed when it wasn't.

*Women tell all!!!!! I really wish they'd do that after we know who he chose, so the last girl could be on there too. It seems like we miss out on so much this way.

*Do the last two not meet his family?

*Does he seriously propose? Really? Or is it just me that's been getting the commitment-phobic vibes?

Only two more weeks of this ridiculousness. Because we all know it's out of the question for me to stop watching. But it's so hard to keep going. I don't think the Women Tell All will be THAT dramatic, but who knows what other drama was going on while they were obsessed with Emily v. Courtney.

Almost done.

Monday, February 20, 2012

And then there were three.

Hometowns are always pretty awkward, and I didn't think I'd have much to say, but....I was wrong!

*"Horses have been a big part of my life since...before I was born." -Lindzi

*They're not even riding a horse? It's a carriage?

*over the woods and through the hills...

*Awkward hug over the carriage with her mom

*"We had our first date in San Francisco!" -Ben. (And my first date with 15 other girls!)

*Bahahhahahahaha. This is your life, should you choose to accept it.

*"It sucks bad enough that we lost..." -Ben. That's exactly what you want when meeting your girlfriend's dad. To show him up at what he's best at.

*"You picked a good guy." -Lindzi's dad. Did someone tell him how this show works?

*He does seem to get along really well with her parents....but maybe he'll be like that with everyone.

*Ben is one of the least eloquent people I've ever heard. Do they tell him to be vague on purpose?

*PLEASE tell me she's going to perform.

*Oh yeah baton twirling!!!

*Wow. Well done, Kacie. Way to be confident. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

*Why does she knock on her own door?

*He brings her family a present - and from the previews, Courtney - but did he not bring one to Lindzi?

*Her whole family is super pretty

*"I do value the sanctity of marriage." -Ben. "But I'm ok with being naked with multiple girls at once." To be fair, he's only been naked with far.

*I obviously can't get over the skinny dipping.

*Kacie's parents are getting her sent home. Mom doesn't want cohabitation, and dad doesn't want him to break her heart more.

*What are your "traditional values?" Am I really so far removed from the world that I can't see eye to eye with him?

*inhjtt hfgr sdfb hgregh gffg vfyuytr gfgjki hgfghj g hfg nmky bb

*I feel like Kacie's dad is one of the few people that's had his head on straight. Is it so bad to want to date more after spending maybe one day a week together for 8-12 weeks?

*Who am I to say anything with my 3 months to engagement relationship? Hypocrite.

*We at least spent everyday together.

*Ok. Back on track. Texas pride for 20 minutes. Can't wait.

*"Last time I brought a man home, under these circumstances..." -Nicki. Did we miss you the last time you were on the Bachelor?

*I love the boot salesman! I want to touch his hair.

*Getting the right boot = getting the right life partner.

*Having BEN through a divorce before....oh. I get it.

*Oh, divorced parents! This is going to be exciting.

*Blah blah blah. All the parents say the same things. Let's get on with it.

*Ok, does anyone know - when the girls go home to prep for their hometown dates, do they not stay with their parents? Where do they stay? Is the first time they see their parents at that moment?

*Awwwwww. Sweet daddy. I miss mine.

*Another L bomb!

*And Ben says it for the first time!

*I wish you all could have seen my face when the teaser came up of Courtney putting the ring on Ben's finger.

*Is she going to show her human side? Only 'cause there's no girls around.

*Let me get this straight - last episode, you were super insecure and considering going home, and now, you're falling in love with him?

*Courtney's flowers are the biggest, plus he has wine.

*"Once, she made a wrong decision." -Courtney's mom. Well, she hadn't seen the show yet, so maybe she's only seen the one bad far.

*"Well.....I'm glad you came!" -Cue upbeat music.

*Ben's hair looks worse than ever

*Leave it to Courtney to tell him she loves him in the most dramatic way possible.

*"How far are we gonna take this?" -Ben. Maybe you should have asked that 5 episodes ago.

*"Oh! Look at that! What do we have here? Oh! Oh!"

*"I'm nervous!" For your fake wedding?

*This is The Office all over again. -Chris.

*Ben had no emotion while saying his, but he likes her a lot. I can't get a handle on him.

*Well, Emily's gone, so we need another rhymer in the place.

*Man, again - I hope he picks Courtney, just so another girls doesn't watch this and be like, "YOU BASTARD!" But.....he probably deserves it.

*"I do." -Courtney

*gaaaahhhhhhh......I can't say I'm surprised.....She is so sweet and sincere and kind. See?? Even in her breakup SHE is the one being nice to HIM, and he does virtually nothing to make her feel better. Also, This pretty much seals the deal - for me - that he's picking Courtney. Kacie seemed to be her biggest competitor.

*She is probably yelling at her parents right now. Well, if she has her head on straight, she's thanking them for doing her a favor.

*I can't understand half of what she's saying. Poor, beautiful Kacie.

Well. My emotional investment in this season is gone, except for me wondering how he and whoever he picks end up at the "After the Final Rose." Also! Women tell all. YES!! Kacie will totally unleash.....well, whatever "unleashing" is for Kacie.

And EMILY! I just can't wait!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Know what I love to see? Ben getting manipulated.

And I'm actually not lying. He is NOT my favorite.

PS Sorry this is so late. It's been a crazy week.

*My prediction: Lindzi, Emily, Kacie and Courtney.

*Kacie swore!

*Holy makeup Lindzi! I now believe her when she said she never wears any.

*My friend said this about Courtney's crying: "She's just crying because everyone else gets a one-on-one and she feels like she's losing." Truth.

*It's really bothering me how much they talk up Ben and how amazing he is when I really don't care for him. At all.

*OH MY GOSH. ABC is illustrating their message in a bottle with their "story."

*His date with Emily is one that I'd personally love - just wandering around a tropical, new place, experiencing whatever I can with the locals...and my camera crew.

*"He is potentially falling for someone who treated me so bad." -Courtney. Really?

*You've said the worst things about anyone, so you can't say that she's been nasty to you, or whatever you said. Because she even apologized. Get over it.

*Courtney's making sure everything she says points in the direction of her having the control, not Ben.

*I can't wait for the day in the Bachelor when someone says, "I'm not ready for you to meet my family." That ALMOST happened with Emily and Brad, but she gave in eventually.

*Do they make the girls all sit around together sometimes? If she pisses you off so much, leave!

*This and last episode show that this is a game to Courtney. What is this "losing the spark" crap? Homegirl is not going to last 2 weeks in marriage.

*Ben said something about heartbreak - good. He deserves some. (I really don't like him.)

*"I notice you, Courtney." -Ben. Is it because she's naked half the time?

*At least there are no cheesy metaphors about climbing the temple being like overcoming love obsta- no, wait. I spoke too soon.

*What a romantic helicopter shadow. LOLz

*"I believe in soulmates." -Ben. Really?! Then shouldn't you just send all your other girls home if you've met her? Or if not, just send everyone home?

*If Ben is as attentive as the other girls say he is, he'll pay attention to the meaning behind Courtney's monologue.

*"I'm the talent!" -Courtney. Enough said.

*Anyone else notice that Kacie straightened her hair on a day she is definitely not going to see Ben?

*"I don't want to keep pushing Courtney about what she is saying." -Ben. Because you're scared to know the truth, dumba**. If you really wanted to find love and have it last, you wouldn't be scared to push and find out what someone is really like.

*This is the date where I'd be kicked off. Nobody wakes me up at 4AM who expects to live to see the sunrise.

*Nothing like a good chardonnay at 9AM

*"Not just fears, phobias." -Rachel. Someone pull out a dictionary for her.

*Did they put on makeup on the boat on the way back?

*Kacie's opening up to Ben was pretty selfless, I thought - just that she was honest in wanting him to know and obviously not expecting anything in return. I don't want her to get hurt, but I don't want her to be with him.

*"Did you hear that? She said Ben's not the only guy in the world." -Emily. I can't judge - maybe it's easy to think that, when she's been secluded from the rest of the world for so long...?

Well. Guess I can't say I'm not surprised Courtney stayed - if he gave her a second chance at all, that's all she needed. More and more I'm hoping he picks her.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just putting people away. NBD

I started my new job as a receptionist at Paul Mitchell the School (!!!) last Monday, and I love it. The energy in the school is great, I already loved my co-workers from when I went to school there, and it's fun getting to know the students. I've never been a full-fledged receptionist before, and it's not a bad gig; learning their computer system is pretty clear cut, but there are a lot of things that the front desk manages other than appointments, so it's easy to get overwhelmed sometimes.

Like yesterday. It was the end of the day, we were closing and collecting for our last appointments of the day, when a girl, about 18, is ready to pay for her ticket. She came in that morning, pretty undecided about how to do her hair, and asked a lot of questions about pricing, splitting the bill between cash and credit, etc. I answered a lot of her questions when she came in, then got her information when she made her appointment for, well, pretty much immediately, and then I was the one available when she was ready to ring up her ticket.

When I was taking her payment, she said that she wasn't sure how much money she had on her card - see, her parents had just put money on it but she didn't know how much. I immediately stereotyped her when she said this, and in my eyes, it seemed to fit that she was the kind of girl that lived off Daddy's money. We ran the card through, and it passed, which to her must have meant Daddy put more money on the card than she thought.

This gave her wings.

She immediately turned to our product shelves, which are many, and can be pricey. She picked up some of our higher end products, including a flat iron kit designed by Tarantino (Quentin? someone else? I never asked.), and her first order came to around $260. Since that passed, she got even braver with Daddy's money and rang up another order with products for her boyfriend that was about $190. Lest she forget, she bought her mother (who lives in AZ) a gift certificate for $150. Her ticket for hair was around $70, putting her grand total to about $670.

Now, by her second ticket, I should have gotten a bit concerned about this flighty spending of money, especially when she was so concerned when she first came in about expenses, but who was I to questiona girl who wanted to spoil those around her? (Even if her money wasn't technically hers...) Plus, I was selling product, and I was keeping up with my job at a busy time. I was doing fine, and I was ok with it.

The rest of the day flew by (I worked that night, too - actually saw her again, because she left her product at the school, because she was going tot he gym next door and didn't think it would all fit in her locker, and came back to use the bathrooms.), and by the next morning I was concentrating on opening the school for the day.

Until one of our students came in, and told us that "the girl who brought all the product yesterday," let's call her Katie, was actually not Katie, but had stolen the Real Katie's credit card from the gym! She knew this because the Real Katie was her friend's sister-in-law.

At this point, I almost had a meltdown. I had worked a 14 hour day the day before, and I was exhausted. I was to work all by myself in Phase 2, our smaller part of the school, for the whole day, and the last time I worked there alone, I had made all kinds of serious mistakes. I was super nervous. Add to that the fact that I had been the one stupid enough not to ask this girl for ID, and I was sure I was going to get a beatdown, if not be fired.

Anyway, not 30 minutes after we found out, the Real Katie came in and explained who she was. We loaded her with information, because Fake Katie didn't have the time, or really the know-how, to make up a new story to center her life around. We knew what complex she lived in, she also gave us a legitimate home address from her home state (and not one of those block addresses, it was an obscure one), we knew she had a membership at the gym and had gone tanning between the hour of 4:45-5:45 (and they had cameras and a record), and when the cop came, he got her fingerprints on all her receipts and her guest info card. I'm not sure if the phone number she gave ever worked, but we only ever got a busy signal, so it wasn't out of service - though that easily could have been legit.

The cop came in and out for a couple hours, and so I was summoned to and from Phase 1 and Phase 2 every so often to give information. That was kind of nerve racking, and I think it was because I was afraid of getting something wrong. But the student who did the services on her hair basically affirmed everything I said, and added more personal info; Fake Katie said she was super broke, didn't have a job or a driver's license, etc. (Which made me feel a touch better about not having asked for ID - she wouldn't have had it. It's still not ok, but...)

Then, around 4:30, when I was closing up all by myself (I was pretty proud of me right then), I got a phone call from P1 saying I needed to get over there ASAP. The officer was on the line to talk to me, and asked me to walk just outside the school, and see if I could see into the little room of the gym right next to us. I went back and told him that I could, and then he told me to come back because he had who he thought was the Fake Katie in there with him. (His body was blocking her.) I said, "Um, so do you want me to come into the gym, or just look in the window....'cause I'm not gonna lie, I don't want to be some creeper peering in the window." And I'm not sure if you're allowed to say "creeper" to a cop, but he was all, "Just come look through the window."

So I went back, walked right next to the building, and sure enough, there was the Fake Katie, maybe 10 feet away from me, sitting down at the desk in front of the cop in her workout clothes. I kinda smiled at her, because what would you do in that situation? She absolutely knew I was there to ID her. Talk about awkward.

So I went back to the phone, told him it was most definitely her, and he thanked me and got off. By then, everyone in the school knew about it, and all the girls were crowing the door, waiting to see some big arrest. I went back to Phase 2 and told them where I had been, and they went to the door as well, but I went back to closing and heard that there was no "big arrest" (lol) but that the officer just took her to his car and everything was fine.

Good thing she likes to work out every day. And told us so much about her. There's a good possibility I'll have to do some kind of written statement, but other than that, I think yesterday held enough drama for the whole ordeal.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Such a love/hate relationship

I have a lot to say about this episode, so if you actually read this whole thing....props.

*Poor Blakely. I was actually hoping she'd get a one on one.

*"I feel like it could go one of two ways." It could ALWAYS go one of two ways, sweetheart.

*I love Kacie B, but her comment about, "We could be engaged in a couple weeks!" kinda made me feel like she was super young.

*Perfect packing. Candy. I'm dead serious. I would have done it.

*This is actually a good, get to know you date.

*I was peeing when the next scene came after commercial, but I heard her say, "It's so beautiful!" and I knew she was looking at her dinner set up, wine glasses and candles....yep. I was right.

*I wonder what Kacie B. has so much to open up about.

*You can tell Ben cares a lot for her. Eye contact, patience and understanding.

*His watch is as big as his face!!! Or his hair. You choose.

*Courtney WOULD go topless. Well, at least it will be less of a shock when the girls find out they went skinny dipping.

*It's Tour Guide Ben!

*And that's why Courtney is smoking them all. She's a pusher, Cady! (Points if you get the non-Bachelor reference.)

*Haha I love the Progressive commercial with Flo in front of the mirror. I hope one day she gets a niece or nephew so she can be Aunt Flo.

*"Let's toast to going with the flow!" -Ben. OMG isn't that EXACTLY what you said you wanted in a girl!?!??

*Oooh, Dumpsville. Way to remember the deats, Benny-boy. I don't even remember that.

*Clever rhyme.

*That's her purpose. To intimidate you.


*She is his shadow....

*Don't keep rambling - don't tell him how you feel, show him!

*They should rename the show to The Bachelor: More DTRs than you ever wanted to see.

*Jamie's going home. (And it's not because of Courtney, like she thinks.)

*About the engagement with the Chicago Children's Choir - What a cute proposal! Way to keep selling marriages, since your show can't keep any together.


*Good redemption! She is really funny.

*Ben, if you don't want her to talk about it, don't bring it up.

*Courtney, you are officially tactless. There is no redemption for you. It takes a lot for someone to come and apologize like that, especially in front of others (though maybe not here 'cause she knew they'd back her), and you threw her down.

*If Courtney says she doesn't like being "disrespected," she must be pissed at what everyone is saying about her right now. And the last two months.

*Lindzi you rock!

*OMG Courtney's getting ready for her (pretend) rendez-vous!

*Patterns exist for a make them exist. Do you see the pattern that you're in every one of these relationships?

*He doesn't give in to Courtney once, and she has a breakdown.

*I like that Blakeley is focusing her excitement on spending time with Ben and not just flaunting that she thinks she's getting the rose. Yes, she's using it for intimidation, but it could be worse. (I think because I didn't like her so much at first, that everything slightly noble she does is like, huge in my books. haha)

*Is there a rule that they are only allowed to wear heels? To everything??

*Blakeley, do you "know" Rachel's not sexual because she hasn't hit on you yet?

*Ok, Blakeley. Stop going down on him. It's not a striptease.

*Does anyone reading this ever wear shirtdresses? Even if I could, I think I'd be too nervous about my hoo-ha showing. It seems so inevitable!

*Please tell me that's her journal.

*OMG it's a scrapbook! "This is us in San Francisco....This is the kids in Switzerland..."

*Ben, you can't see a future with her? But she just showed it to you!

*The shot of the lonely cat....just like Blakeley's lonely now...

*"When something like this happens, it seems like it must be serious." Or, you know it's serious because Chris Harrison walks in and says, "It's serious."

*STFU this is all for a boy???

*Why is it OK for Ben to love more than one girl, but not the contestants? (That gem is from my husband. It's also truth.)

*Casey S says, "I think I need a therapist." Enter Chris Harrison.

*Courtney only hopes that Casey stays because she's the only one who likes her. And if you'll notice, it's the first time (that they've shown) that she's talked about someone who has the potential of going home, and hasn't wished for it, or wished her ill will, etc.

*What does the Bachelor(ette) do on their down time on the show? I wouldn't be in my hotel room in the tropics, that's for sure.

*"And I still have to deal with this?" -Casey S. Honey, going on the Bachelor wasn't going to make all your problems magically disappear.

*They have the smallest suitcases, but so many outfits! And SHOES! Do they just show one suitcase? Does ABC carry around trunks of clothes in their wardrobe for them?

*"This is everything I could hope for in a relationship." Really? Your every hope is to be dating a guy, once a week, who is falling for 7 other girls?

*Q: How do these girls define "prude?" It's been thrown around a lot this episode, and not a single one of them would I define that way. Not in the slightest.

*I'm going to show this making out clip to my 16 year-olds when they want to know how kissing is (not) done.

*At least she can laugh at herself.

*Courtney didn't even push for one-on-one time. I don't get it. Is she hurt he didn't come for her? Is she making him "work for it" now?

*Say what you will about Emily's raps - I love them!

Ok. I feel like on Brad's season, when a girl went home, the majority of the time, at least two girls were crushed that their friend had left the show. We had three departures this time, and the first two didn't seem, from the other girls, like they were going to be missed that much. Am I just remembering wrong? It just doesn't seem like there's as much comraderie this time. But Brad's season is the only one I've seen, so maybe this way is the norm, not the exception. Either way, it's kinda sad the girls don't seem to be super close - I'd want to have a couple close friends coming out of something like this, anyway.

From the previews, it seems like they talk to Ben twice about Courtney, and both situations are almost mirrored from conversations that have already happened - like telling Ben to "tread lightly," when those are the exact words he used with Emily. Something else, but I can't remember. Either way, I hope Courtney goes home next week.