Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What the Frack?

Ok, last night really threw me for a loop. Mostly because of the rose ceremony, and I know I'm not the only one. But can I say that I'm SO excited for Emily Maynard to be the new Bachelorette!!! She, in my eyes, is basically perfect. Except, I don't get how she hated all the media when she was with Brad, and now she's just asking for more. Thoughts? Either way, I'll be watching every episode.

*"You are the kind of person I could -" (Ben) Is he going to say "see myself with"? "enjoy a relationship with"? "be myself around"?
..." - travel with." :/

*"Did you try working through [your failed marriage]?" Basically, he's asking if she gives up easily.

*I respect Nikki for taking the situation as it is, and not talking about how in love she is already. Way to have your head on straight.

*Blakely! Trying to talk through her frustrations! She is pleasantly surprising me.

*Emily finds out about the baseball diamond, she's all, "Where my real diamonds at??"

*ABC, way to make a potentially fun and bonding game become dirty immediately.

*LOLz at intense 2nd inning music

*Someone needs to talk to Courtney about the difference between needs and wants.

*Blakely's basically saying, "I worked my a$$ off, and....none of you did."

*Holy big tattoo on your wrist Blakely!

*Any girl that threatens Courtney's time with Ben is suddenly on her hit list.

*"I don't need a rose, I just need more time." -Courtney. I wish Ben would give her more time and then no rose.

*I love Kacie's curls!

*"I hate keeping secrets." -Courtney......I won't even start.

*You crazy, Elyse.

*I just cringe at the things she's saying! It's your first date, you are NOT in love!

*"I would like to propose-" -Ben
"Could you stop right there?" -Elyse wishes she had said

*She wants to be loved, but not necessarily by Ben

*"I'm feeling good!" -Courtney. Um, a rejection of another girl is not a personal compliment to you.

*"She must have drank too much." Do you notice Courtney is ALWAYS drinking wine?

*Blakely looks smokin! I'm liking her more and more this episode.

*"You're only in Puerto Rico once." -Court....Weren't you there two months ago?

*"I feel crappy." -Ben. As you should.

*I think Jennifer will be a top 3.

*Blakely talking about herself like this is good because it's not self-centered, it's confident, and that's what Ben goes for. She's staying.

*Ahhh, Emily you were so close!!

*Classy confrontation, Ben. I gained a tiny bit of respect for you.

*Who's the new brunette??

*Also, what does he see in Casey S? They've spent like two seconds together.

*Last rose - I said, "It's Jennifer!" out loud, and suddenly he says, "Emily."
I was literally speechless.
He seemed to like her so much! And Emily - how did she not ruin it!?? She must have put out on their first date or something. Poor Jennifer! She's fabulous.

*Central America {does not equal} fabulous. There was no better adjective?

Ok, so not my best post, and I should talk less about Courtney, but she's just so entertaining. I also like how the "villians" of the last two seasons sneak up on the Bachelor at his suite. Do they plan these things?

I am SO excited for next week! I hope Ben doesn't turn against Kacie or anything, but I think he trusts her enough to know that she doesn't have any ulterior motives - I mean, she wants to get rid of Courtney but she's not trying to be all sneaky, she's just honest.

I'd say I'd try to lay off Courtney next week, but in light of the apparent drama, it will be hard.

Also? I really hope the bad news Chris has is not a dead parent because I will LOSE IT.

That's all.


  1. i love this run down. i have the most gigantic love/hate relationship with that show. and i would like michelle money and courtney to be on the same show at the same time. personally, i've been missing m.money the whole show because she was funny. courtney is just really scary....

    LOVE YOU!!!

  2. I laughed my butt off at this post. SO TRUE! SO SO TRUE! Courtney, do you hear yourself? I think partly the problem is that she really is not smart. And Emily, you are supposed to be too smart for this stupid game! And Ben....what an idiot. I hope every single girl gets up and leaves next time so he is stuck with Courtney. The perfect punishment.

  3. I was soooo sad when he sent Jennifer home. I really liked her.