Monday, August 8, 2011



The BEST Thing ever just happened!!!

It's like Christmas but early!!

I guest posted for a real live blog!! That is my hero of all bloggy-ness!!

I submitted a post with my friend Sarah to a blog called Rants from Mommyland about a month ago, because they were doing a series of "Domestic Enemies of the..." and then they'd list a type of mother, be it the adoptive mom, mom of teenagers, suburban mom, etc. So I thought to myself, "We need one of the moms who are Trying to be a Mom-moms!!!"

So we got it written and anxiously awaited the day for its posting.

And it's here!!!

So instead of writing about my party today like I originally planned, go ahead and hop on over to RFM to see what we have to say about infertility.

Merry Christmas!!

Here, This Will Make Your Page "Fancy"


    1. Hey!! I'm a regular reader of RFM and read your post today. I had a really crappy day today with my 2.5 year old and your post totally made me cry because it reminded me how very, very lucky I am to have him. So thank you and I sincerely hope you get to have a crazy temper tantrummy munchkin of your own. All the best. Laurenn

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    3. I wrote Domestic Enemies of the Stepmom, but I could have written this one too (although not nearly as well). I laughed through my tears. Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone.

      (P.S. When I found out I was guest posting for them, I typed in all caps with exclamation points for about 3 days. Isn't it awesome?!)