Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm getting too comfortable talking about my bodily functions

Last night, within two hours, I got up at least 7 times to go pee. Seriously. I wouldn't joke about something this intense. And it was in-tense! I'd go pee, then lay down and 5 minutes later, feel like I had to go so badly that I'd burst if I didn't get up. Then I'd go and it's like....a drip. Maybe two.


I'm trying to think of reasons why my body would do this. It's not a UTI because it doesn't sting to pee. I didn't drink a ton of water - in fact, every time I pee'd, it was barely any at all because it was so often.

*Gasp* You know what? I'm well aware of the date, and that a week from yesterday was my original due date for my baby.

MAYBE my body is so hyped up on HCG, and has been for 9 months, that my bladder's like, "aren't I supposed to be peeing like crazy now? You should have a 7-pound baby pushing on me, but since you don't...I'll just go ahead and make you feel like you have to pee anyway."

This whole pretending to be pregnant while actually having cancer is GETTING A LITTLE OLD.


  1. It could still be a UTI. Sorry babe.

  2. Yeah, it could be. Cranberry juice is great for that....

  3. If lemons could cure cancer.. I'm sure it would cure this too. Eat more Lemons :) hahahaha